How BTS Have a Huge Fan Base: A Peek Into BTS ‘s Diverse Discography

Why BTS Have a Huge Fan Base: A Peek Into BTS 's Diverse Discography

Although most people think of BTS as a KPop group, they couldn’t be more wrong, BTS has managed to create their own genre, some known people in the American music industry even going so far as to say that it’s BTS-pop and completely different than the rest of KPop. The group has songs from almost every genre, and their discography is absolutely impeccable, and its no wonder that they attract listeners from all over the world, and from every age group and community.

Of course, it is not just BTS’s music that reels in people, it’s also the message behind these songs, the layered lyrics, and their unique (and very powerful) but humble personalities.

Their album Map of the Soul: 7 was released earlier this year in February is known for the several genres it incorporates into the songs. The album has been described as a pop, R&B, and Hip-Hop album that incorporates rock, trap, and EDM influences in its beats and production.

It explores a broad range of other musical styles and genres including emo rap, rap-rock, pop-rock, Latin pop, pop-rap, electro-rap, disco funk, synth-pop, and afro-pop. Instrumentation through the record is provided by guitar strings and drums. Sonically, the concept album is diverse with rap songs, slow-paced sentimental ballads, and prog-style music.


Some of the songs in the list deserve a little explanation and analysis due to their brilliance. So, let’s take a look at some of their most loved and awe-inspiring songs, shall we?



Black Swan is a dark yet sorrowful masterpiece and its release brought on a huge shock. The song is punctuated with a heavy trap beat and sighing instrumentals. Musically, it was described as an emo hip hop featuring trap drum beats. Black Swan received general praise for its honest and raw lyrics and dark production.

The blend of the beats with mournful instruments was used to create a haunting mood. And along with the heart-stopping choreography, the song and video can easily be classified as BTS’s biggest musical achievements.

With BTS being more candid about their fears, they wrote Black Swan keeping in mind the fear of losing passion for creating. “Then this may be how I die my first death.” This line expresses how losing their passion for music would be like death, losing a huge part of them forever.

The orchestra version alone deserves the SOTY daesang.


2. Daechwita

Daechwita can be categorized as trap music with Korean traditional music consisting of military music played by the wind and percussion instruments, generally performed while marching, basically Korean hip-hop and rap.

Suga explained in an interview that he had hoped the song and its music video (along with the rest of the mixtape) to be shocking, which is certainly was. The lyrics went hard, and the symbolism in the lines and video had jaws dropping everywhere.

He skillfully showed two people in the song by changing the rap flow and voice structure, along with the sets and costume designs.


3. Louder Than Bombs

Synth ballad ‘Louder Than Bombs’ can easily be mistaken for a sensual song if attention isn’t paid to the lyrics. It sounds intense, like a dark genre film soundtrack, and brings chills with every line. This song appears to be symbolizing the loudness of bombs to two things: pain and success. Louder than bombs has often been joked to be the perfect song to play if the world were ending. It sounds like heartbreak, but also makes you want to move your body with the sound.

“My silent sadness /It shakes me /In my quiet sea/ waves sometimes rise”


4. Dynamite

BTS’s first song to debut on #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart is of the upbeat disco-pop category. The song has elements of funk, soul, and bubblegum pop. The track features snapping handclaps, echoing synths, and celebratory horns, taking influence from 1970s music. Intended to soothe listeners during the COVID-19 pandemic, the song talks about joy and appreciation for the little things that make life valuable. It also has a retro vibe to it.

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5. UGH


UGH” is an onomatopoeic hip hop track, featuring the rappers of BTS (RM, Suga, J-hope). It’s a headbang kind of song, with a lot of energy.  Through this song, they expressed their anger towards malicious haters in the backdrop of “distinctly” East Asian Riffs, turbulent strings, gunshot effects, and plinking synths.

Although this seems to be the usual diss track, there are several genius wordplays and smart double meanings to the words and lyrics chosen, including the song name itself which is pronounced and perceived differently in Korean.



Heavy bass, a smooth song that is hard to put under a category but is generally thought of as a mix of jazz and funk. The combination of singer V’s deep voice and his high notes, along with the shockingly desperate lyrics makes this song one of the most impressive creations ever.



Hip-hop, rap and has a bit of a ‘rough’ charm. This song was also BTS’s debut song.



Latino-pop vibes with heavy Spanish beats. The choreography itself served difficult but smooth footwork kind-of dance.



R&B, very soulful song with low vocals and slow beats. The choreography was sharp and fast whereas the actual song was soft and relaxed. Gave it a contrast look and also gave depth to the lyrics that were related to someone being an imposter (being masked, not in sync, etc). very aesthetically pleasing music video with a lot of theories and hidden meanings.



Electro pop and rap, a collaboration with The Chainsmokers


Songs such as Dionysus and Mic Drop have rock vibes, spring day and the truth untold are ballads, the idol has afrobeat and is inspired by African music.

There are so many more songs that deserve a mention like Filter, House of Cards, Pied Piper, Baepsae, Run (ballad version), Telepathy, Lie, 134340, etc

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