The haircuts might be a little outdated, dating may have become virtual, but the jokes are making a whole new generation laugh. ‘Friends’ is a popular American television sitcom that aired on the NBC network from 1994 to 2004.

Even after a little more than ten years, this show occupies that little corner in your heart which is irreplaceable. From the moment the run-away bride Rachel steps in that apartment till the time Monica and Chandler decide to part ways with the friends’ house, the audience has experienced all the emotions there are to be felt.

A second ago you’re laughing your heart out at Chandler’s sarcastic remarks, and you are filled with this feeling of ecstasy when Ross and Rachel kiss in a blink of the eye. Meanwhile, “We were on a break” or the importance of ‘Unagi’ remains a topic of controversy.

The Friends Plot

Every scene, every dialogue, every expression leaves the audience spellbound and they wish their lives were as complicated, yet as simple at the same time. The series revolves around six young adults who try to figure out life as the show progresses. Much of the show takes place in the friends’ apartments as they visit one another.

The show takes off with the introduction of Monica Geller, her older brother Ross and Ross’s high school love Rachel Greene who is a run-away bride. She soon becomes Monica’s roomie and is then acquainted with the group which comprises of Joey Tribbiani, a struggling actor, a masseuse/ wannabe musician with a little bit of crazy, Phoebe Buffay, and last but not the least, the one funny in his own way, Chandler Bing.

The show also features celebrities in abundance with Brad Pitt, Robin Williams, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and Charlie Sheen to name a few.

How Friends Connect with You

The reason why Friends is such a big hit among different generations may be because the show kind of depicts the twentysomething life. The dead-end jobs, the failed relationships, the struggle of getting back up when you’re rock bottom, all of these phases are encountered by a person living in his/her twenties. Rachel, for example, had to skip through various jobs in order to recognise the skill that best suited her, which ultimately had been with her all along, fashion. While Monica, Ross and Chandler had jobs which paid well enough to sustain their healthy lifestyle, Joey and Phoebe had a hard time coping up with the pack. We may find many such examples even in our own groups.

Meanwhile, the show’s dating approach may be summarised either as a mere hook-up starting with “How You Doin’?”, or a season long love story as depicted between Ross and Rachel, or Monica and Richard, which at some point of time, ended in a river of tears. Irrespective of the time taken, the characters eventually moved on with their lives, hoping for a better luck.

The series might lack the latest technology, or the frequent use of the F-word, or the clubbing culture, but this in itself may be the reason why this show may never lose its very essence.


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