HyunA releases B-Side ” GOOD GIRL ” after Hit Title Track ” I’M NOT COOL “

HyunA releases B-Side " GOOD GIRL " after Hit Title Track " I'M NOT COOL "

HyunA, who is known for her bold and powerful performances, released a new album more than a week ago, I’m Not Cool, with a namesake title track.

HyunA worked on the song with her boyfriend and singer Dawn, as well as Psy, the Gangnam Style star who heads her agency P Nation. For the choreography, she collaborated with Rie Hata – who has made dance moves for acts like Chris Brown, Lady Gaga, and BTS – and the local dance team B.B. Trippin’.

With her latest offering, ‘I’m Not Cool’, Hyuna teased a bold concept embracing her quirky side and unique vocal range. The concept photos hint a blend of ‘Bubble Pop’ meeting the new age Hyuna.

The song, with the addictive lyrics I’m Not Cool, and a matching dance that HyunA explained as visualizing a viper snake, was an eye-catcher from the start. But things got bigger when fans found a Crayon Shin-chan episode that resembles the dance.

A hilarious meme contrasting K-pop soloist HyunA ‘s choreography for her new song I’m Not Cool with a scene from the Japanese animation Crayon Shin-chan has become the latest meme to hit Korea.

“GOOD GIRL” is a b-sidetrack from HyunA’s latest album “I’m Not Cool,” which was released on January 28. While “GOOD GIRL” was originally supposed to be a pre-release single for the album, plans were changed due to HyunA ’s health-related hiatus.

The electro-pop song features a fast tempo and an alluring combination of minor and major melodies. the track received immense anticipation as HyunA herself wrote the lyrics.

Watch the music video below!

With her upcoming comeback just a few days away, HyunA expressed her regrets for not being able to drop her pre-release single “GOOD GIRL” in August of last year due to her struggle with vasovagal syncope. “I wanted to stand on stage, but my body wouldn’t let me. I almost went crazy,” she confessed.

HyunA also shared how supportive messages from her fans helped her take the blame off of herself. “Since vasovagal syncope is a condition where you can faint without any warning, it’s impossible to prevent. That’s also why I have a lot of wounds on my shoulders, the back of my head, or my face,” she explained. “While resting, I read the letters one by one. I resolved to show everyone that I could stand back up again even if it took me a while, so I think that’s why I was able to have a comeback right away like this.”

Explaining how the viper is alluring but also poisonous, HyunA said, “I think that kind of duality exists in me as well. Although I want to be nice, I also want to become a rebel on stage, and sometimes I want to act cute or sexy as well.”

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