“I be getting hate for no reason every single damn day”: Cardi B continues to defend herself from extreme hate on Twitter

Cardi B

Cardio B twitter Fight: Hate on rapper Cardi B continues to take place on social media, even days after her controversial Grammy performance.

It’s safe to say that Cardi B’s Grammys performance was rather controversial. Despite earning lots of praise on social media from fans and celebrities for her performance on her hit song ‘WAP’, there were various others who felt like the performance was way too sexual for their kids and minors watching at home.

Hate on social media

Recently, another man posted a video on TikTok, targeting Cardi after she posted a video in which she is thanking God.

“Thank you God for always being there for me. Thank you for covering me with the blood of your son (Jesus)” she says in the video.

This somehow triggered a man on TikTok, and he released a video saying, “The disrespect in this video is disturbing. Thanking God for the blood of his son, and yet you’re going against everything he died for. You see Cardi B thanking God for things that the devil gave her. She knows the lord died for her sins, so the people listening to this really be thinking that God is blessing her for her sins. The lord don’t bless you for that. That is the devil giving you gifts”

“The devil can give you the whole world, but when you thank God for that, you are manipulating children into believing that God really gave that to you.”, he added. “Cardi, you need to repent, and everybody following her footsteps needs to repent.”

Cardi simply replied to this video saying, “I can’t even thank God anymore, I be getting hate for no reason every single damn day.”

Many fans rushed in to support Cardi B

All this hate on Cardi B has been non-stop, ever since she performed on her hit song ‘WAP’ at the Grammys. People have labelled her songs and performances as ‘inappropriate’ for their children, but in reality, all this talk about her performances going against their religious backgrounds is just disguised hatred, which in reality, is directed on her being a black woman who likes to do what she wants openly and is comfortable with her sexuality.

Cardi B has also extended her record of being the first ever female rapper to have a total of five #1s on Billboard Hot 100 with her recent single ‘Up’

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