“I feel wrongly accused”: Bullying allegations hit (G)IDLE’s Soojin; Cube Entertainment halts all activities of the singer

soojin denies bullying accusations

Accused of being a violent school perpetrator, Soojin denies the rumors and stops all her future promotional activities. 

The wave of bullying allegations against Korean celebrities seem to be on the rise. On February 20, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin was accused of school bullying by a former middle school classmate and her older sister. Another person claimed she bullied the actress Seo Shin Ae – who attended the same middle school, according to Naver.

After a series of statements and apology letters denying the rumors, Cube Entertainment released a new statement on March 4, informing that (G)I-DLE will now continue all their future promotional activities as a five-member team for the time being as Soojin has currently been indicated to halt all her activities. This statement comes after Cube released its first stance on this matter by creating a committee and denying the allegations on February 21.

(G)I-DLE Soojin’s Agency Issues a Statement Following Idol’s Bullying Accusations

Cube Entertainment shared that it has been trying its best to verify the allegations thrown at (G)I-DLE member Soojin. The agency asked for the understanding of everyone as it took them some time to carefully look into the past events alongside some former teachers and co-students of the South Korean singer.

According to Cube Entertainment, (G)I-DLE member Soojin was involved in a heated argument. However, it noted that there are no enough pieces of evidence to prove that she bullied or inflicted violence as claimed by the alleged victim.

Read the statement below:

“Hello. This is Cube Entertainment. We are sharing our position regarding (G)I-DLE member Soojin’s school days.

First, we apologize for not having been able to share a statement more promptly. We have done our best to verify the facts, and that is why it has taken a long time to share our position. We ask for your understanding.

We have asked the artist’s school, teachers, many classmates, and other acquaintances about the situation at the time. Based on what we have confirmed so far, as we shared before, it is true that they fought over the phone, but we could not confirm the violence that is being alleged by the creators of the posts.

To clearly verify the truth, we offered hosting a face-to-face meeting between those directly involved, not the creator of the post or another deputy. However, all parties have shared their reluctance about this, so the meeting between those directly involved did not take place. However, if those who were directly involved are open for a face-to-face meeting, we will arrange one any time.

Currently, Soojin has halted all of her activities, and (G)I-DLE will continue their promotions as five members for now.

We once again extend our apologies to those who felt discomfort due to the matter involving our artist. However, we will take strong legal action against attacking comments with malicious intentions and matters that are proven to be false.

We will do our best to bring out the clear truth regarding this matter so that no one involved in the matter is unjustly harmed.”


Soojin’s Personal Response To Accusations

The star also took to the official fan community to pen down a personal letter addressing the rumors. She strongly denied the parts where the person accused her of slapping, posting a text on a group to make the person an outcast, stealing things and most importantly, bullying actress Seo Shin Ae.

Read her personal letter below: 

“Hello. This is Soojin.

I am writing this after giving it a lot of thought.

During my school days, I was someone who always stood out, and there were bad rumors about me. I dressed in a way inappropriate for my duties as a student and have smoked cigarettes a few times out of curiosity.

I strayed in my childhood, and ever since then, I did not smoke. Even if I have corrected myself and gotten better, I believe it is all because I clearly behaved in a shameful way that this is the outcome today. But there is something I really feel wrongly accused of. I have always dismissed bad rumors without much thought, but after seeing many fans having a hard time, I would like to put everything down and tell you my story. You may or may not believe me, but I will say everything I remember.

I believe I was really friends with the person who posted today. I remember having a meal at that friend’s house and watching a movie with her and her older sister. I remember the older sister who wrote the post as someone I was thankful for. When I had received a threatening text from a school senior and was having a hard time, she tried to report it to the police. I always felt grateful towards her. I found out through the post about why that friend tried to distance herself from me. From what I remember, the reason behind the fight was because she had broken a promise. She did it several times, and I remember I was angry about that. I did not know she was trying to distance herself from me. Although it is embarrassing to admit, I remember cursing at her as well. At that moment, her older sister took over the call and scolded me. Then I apologized to the older sister and hung up. Since then, my friend and I grew distant and most likely harbored negative feelings about each other. However, I’d like to clarify what was said in the posts.

First, I have never inflicted bodily harm on the friend.

Second, I have never ridden a motorcycle.

Third, I have never sent a group text message to make someone an outcast.

Fourth, I have never taken other people’s uniforms or stolen things from them.

Fifth, I have never spoken with actress Seo Shin Ae during my days in school. I apologize to her as it appears that she has been negatively affected by this incident. I really do not remember the incident with the juice. I apologize, but I believe that I would not have done something like that.

I apologize for causing an uproar with my personal life. I apologize to everyone that was hurt by my embarrassing actions.”

(G)IDLE’s Latest Track “HWAA”

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Listen to their latest track “HWAA” below.

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