“I Would Be Terrified Too”: Lewis Hamilton Expresses His Outrage Over Shooting Of Daunte Wright And The Brutal Treatment Of Black Lieutenant Colonel By Police Officers

"I Would Be Terrified Too": Lewis Hamilton Expresses His Outrage Over Shooting Of Daunte Wright And The Brutal Treatment Of Black Lieutenant Colonel By Police Officers

Seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has taken to his Instagram account to express his concern over two extremely disturbing incidents that have taken place against two black men. USA has witnessed two cases recently on white supremacy in the states. Daunte Wright, a twenty year-old man, was shot and Lieutenant Colonel Caron Nazario was treated brutally by American police.

Lewis Hamilton on the shooting of Daunte Wright

Daunte Wright, a twenty year-old man, was shot after the officer meant to use a Taser, but mistakenly drew her gun instead, according to reports. The officer, Kik Potter, has been working for the Brooklyn Center Police for 26 years.

Lewis Hamilton, Daunte Wright
Daunte Wright on the left and Lewis Hamilton, on the right

Daunte Wright’s death triggered a series of protests and outrage all over the country, as another life of an innocent Black man was taken by the hands of American police, and a curfew has been declared.

Lewis Hamilton as well took to Instagram to share his outrage. He shared a series of posts in support of Wright. One of the posts in his Instagram stories read: “As the George Floyd trial continues, Minnesota police have murdered another Black child today. His name is Daunte Wright. He was en route to get a car wash and got pulled over for air fresheners on his rear mirror. His body was left on the street for over six hours. Say his name.”

In another story he shared a post which suggested ways in which people can show their support to Daunte and his girlfriend

Lieutenant Colonel Caron Nazario’s brutal treatment by American police

Hamilton also spoke up about another disturbing incident that took place in America, where Black Lieutenant Colonel Caron Nazario was brutally treated by the police near a drive through, and his face was sprayed with pepper spray. Hamilton shared a video of the entire incident.

In the video, we can clearly see that Caron Nazario has been blinded by the spray, and does not understand why he is being treated that way. The officers around him have him at gunpoint and are shouting at him to come out of his car and get on his knees. The Lieutenant is seen begging the officers to open the window for his dog sitting in the back seat of the car, as the pet was chocking due to the spray. In a heartbreaking moment, towards the end of the video, Nazario breaks down into tears while continuously asking what crime he committed.

Hamilton shared the video, and captioned it, “I would be terrified too”

Lewis Hamilton
Screen-grab from Lewis Hamilton’s Instagram Story

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