“I would definitely take it up”: Henry Cavill addresses rumours of being the next James Bond

the witcher Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill also known as Gerald of Rivia from Netflix’s leading fantasy series “The Witcher” is in talks to play the next James Bond. The actor who is also very famous for playing the role of SuperMan in DC’s SuperMan movies addressed the rumours of him being the next possible James Bond on the Graham Norton Show. On that particular episode, we could also see Tom Holland and Zendaya, promoting their new film from the SpiderMan franchise- SpiderMan: No Way Home.

Henry Cavill is currently promoting the release of the second season of his chart topping fantasy show The Witcher with Anya Chalotra and Freya Allan. The Witcher is based on the books “Blood of Elves” written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

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During an appearance at the Graham Norton show, Henry Cavill addressed the rumours of him being the next actor to play James Bond. He was asked if he was given the role of James Bond in the near future, would he take it? To that he replied that he would definitely have a conversation, perhaps even a lunch and that the role of James Bond is not one to pass.

He also revealed that there are some talks going on at MGM in discussion about his role as James Bond.

Henry Cavill talks about The Witcher:S2

The first season of the show The Witcher came out on Netflix two years ago and achieved a massive viewership of 76 million across the globe. Geralt is Rivia is back with his white mane and deep voice, this Friday.

Henry, while talking about the new season said that the new episodes will focus more on Ciri and Geralt’s relationship as she trains to become a witcher, and some aspects of the second season will be a little more confusing than the first which was full of mind-boggling timelines.


In another interview on the Rich Eisen Show, Henry showed his enthusiasm in playing the next James Bond. He said “If that happens, it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun. If the opportunity comes my way then I will definitely jump at it. The talk show host then complimented him by saying that he gives him the “James Freaking Bond” vibes.

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