“I’m not apologizing for liking a painting of the 16th century” Cardi B creates Chaos on Twitter by making a naïve comment on ‘loving’ the Ottoman Empire history

"I’m not apologizing for liking a painting of the 16th century" Cardi B creates Chaos on Twitter by making a naïve comment on 'loving' the Ottoman Empire history

Rapper Cardi B hasn’t been getting any break on Twitter, as she keeps getting caught up in social media controversies and fights with people: First regarding her Grammy performance and now regarding her comments on the Ottoman Empire.

Cardi B’s Ottoman Empire Controversy

The rapper took to twitter to make some naïve comments regarding the ‘Ottoman Empire’.

On being asked by a fan if she collected art, she replied to the tweet saying that she loved the history of the Ottoman Empire (known for its art). However, apart from the art, the Ottoman Empire was also responsible for many atrocities, including the Armenian Genocide.

“I don’t. Thats why I’m so scared of auctions cause I never done it before or by art besides Rihanna art book. I just really really love Suleyman and Hurrem. I love the Ottoman Empire history so i would love this [heart emoji]”, her now deleted tweet had said.

Furious reactions to Cardi B’s comment

This tweet of hers triggered lots of people online, who called her out for praising and ‘loving’ and empire that was responsible for slavery, mass slaughter, and pillaging.

Cardi B should Apologize for her comments, users asked

Various users asked her to apologize for her insensitive and ignorant comments. However, Cardi defended herself, saying that she won’t be apologizing for liking a picture from the 16th century. “I’m not apologizing for liking a painting of the 16th-century that’s related to my favorite tv series. Sorry, I’m not zI REFUSE TO APOLOGIZE! Ya will not fuckin bully an apology from me when I didn’t insult nobody. Have a good day.”

She Refuses “I’m willing to learn, but I won’t apologize”

After being sent a tweet from a user regarding the true history of the Ottoman Empire, Cardi B responded that she had limited knowledge on the subject, and that she is “willing to learn”. She also added, that she however will not apologise for the “ignorant” people.

While many took to twitter to ‘cancel’ her for her comments, there were other who came for her support, saying that her comment was not something that intended so much harm, and that she must not have been aware of the true history of the Ottoman Empire.

Maybe Cardi didn’t want to trigger so many people with a harmless tweet, or maybe she did, but the thing about twitter is, that it is quick to ‘cancel’ people, without so much as giving them a chance to realise and learn from their mistakes. After all, Cardi B did say that she was ‘willing to learn’ about the history more, and perhaps a more polite and genuine of teaching someone who has been misinformed could have saved us from all is fiasco.

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