“Suresh Raina played badminton with a bat”: IPML Episode 8 UP Dabbangs V/S Punjab Lions, second innings- Indian Pro Music League


Indian Pro Music League (IPML)- the brand-new concept of a music reality show is experiencing an overwhelming response from the whole country. People are supporting their favourite teams like they do in any other league. With experienced captains, professional singers, reality show stars and new young talents live-singing is going on another level. Well, the latest episode was a bang. Here’s all you need to know about episode 8- March 20, 2021.

IPML 2nd innings: The competition by far

Earlier, the results of the 1st innings were out, the results are based upon public voting and the votes are converted into points. The winner of the league match gets 2 points and the losing team gets 0. In the super match, the team with the highest votes gets 3 points. The team with the second-highest votes gets 2 points and the team with the third-highest votes gets 1 point. The bottom three teams get 0. Points of the league matches and the super match add up to make the scoreboard.

The results of the 1st innings are as follows:


Followed by the powerful beginning of 2nd innings with a super match and the first league match. Read the full articles here- IPML The initial verdict and a lot of musical action in Episode 6: Indian Pro Music League, IPML Episode 7 Gujarat Rockers V/S Bengal Tigers: Love takes over the show- Indian Pro Music League.

IPML Episode 8 highlights: Suresh Raina played badminton with a bat

Both the teams were all set for a melodious competition in the second league match of the second innings. Well UP Dabbangs currently stands at 2nd position whereas Punjab Lions were unable to grab a point in the previous innings. Without wasting any time, the episode began with the toss between the two teams. UP Dabbangs won and decided to hit the stage first.

Moving to the Battle, the match consisted of 5 rounds wherein 4 rounds teams can choose their song by themselves and can perform solo, duo, trio or in the group. 5th round is a face-off where there’ll be a singer from each team simultaneously performing the one song. So, let the musical fights begin.

UP Dabbangs: Ankit Tiwari, Payal Dev, and Salman Ali

Owner: Eduauraa

Brand Ambassador: Suresh Raina

Captain: Ankit Tiwari

Team: Payal Dev, Salman Ali

Punjab Lions: Mika Singh, Asees Kaur and Rupali Jagga

Owner: WeSafe India

Brand Ambassador: Bobby Deol

Captain: Mika Singh

Team: Rupali Jagga, Asees Kaur


Amit Gupta- the all-rounder of UP Dabbangs. One can remember his voice from the song “Radhe-Radhe” from Ayushmann’s “Dreamgirl.” He mesmerized everyone when he performed the ultimate patriotic song- “Teri Mitti” from “Kesari.” He didn’t feel nervous for his first performance but highly responsible to carry this song smoothly as it is a song related to the nation and when it comes to the nation, responsibility increases.

Divya Kumar- the male voice behind the songs “Hud-Hud Dabbang,” “Sun Saathiya,” “Ishqbaazi,” and other hit Bollywood tracks. Team Punjab Lions’ new lion all-rounder Divya Kumar roared in the 1st round with the powerful song “Jee Karda” from the movie “Badlapur.” Mika said, “Earlier I had two lionesses and a lion in my team, now my team is completed with the entry of a Babbar Sher.” Divya Kumar even shared his story behind the making of “Jee Karda” when he was assisting Sachin & Jigar.


Before the 2nd round began, there came Parineeti Chopra to promote her upcoming film “Saina.” The second surprise was Suresh Raina- the Brand Ambassador of UP Dabbangs who came to support his team and obviously to enjoy some class live singing. Captain Ankit Tiwari from UP Dabbangs performed solo the mashup of the songs “Toh Phir Aao,” “char dino ka Pyar o Rabba,” “Ab To Aadat Si Hai Mujhko Aise Jeene Mein” and made us remember our heartbreaks.

Rupali Jagga- the bold lioness from Punjab Lions strongly competed with “Mahi Ve Mohabbatan Sachiyan Ne.” Parineeti couldn’t control herself from giving her a standing ovation. Divya Kumar, Suresh Raina, Ankit Tiwari and everybody praised and congratulated her for such a beautiful performance. This followed by an interesting match of badminton between Suresh Raina and Parineeti Chopra where Raina played with the bat.


The stage was heated up when Payal Dev and Rupam Bharnarhia (new voice) from UP Dabbangs sang the meme sensation song “Pata Nahi Ji Konsa Nasha Karta Hai.” Everyone was so overwhelmed to listen to such a melodious version of “Titliaan.” One of the RJs considered it as a smart move, singing a super-hit Punjabi song against team Punjab.

Then our ears were blessed when we listened to Asees Kaur and Shehnaaz Akhtar (new voice) from Punjab Lions performing “Makhna” from the film “Drive” and “Ikk Kudi” from “Udta Punjab.” Team Punjab literally flew after the phenomenal performance. They touched everybody’s soul and definitely raised the bars for the competition.

A Tribute to the Indian Cricket Team

All the members from both teams came up on the stage to pay a tribute to the Indian Cricket Team for completing 10 whole years to the World-Cup win. They all sang “Maa Tujhe Salaam | Vande Mataram” and gave us goosebumps. Suresh Raina’s eyes were filled with tears. All everyone could feel was proud and emotional for that historic win.


Captain Mika Singh and Rupali Jagga from Punjab Lions flawlessly performed “Chaiyya Chaiyya” in the 4th round. Everybody came and danced for a moment after the effortless performance. To compete with Mika and Rupali there came Payal Dev, Salaman Ali and Amit Gupta from UP Dabbangs. They mashed up the iconic dance song “Muqabala Muqabala” with “Aahun Aahun” from the film “Love Aaj Kal” and compelled other team members- Captain Ankit Tiwari and Rupam to come on the stage and dance.

Face-off Round

It was the first time when a new voice’s going to face off with a determined reality star. Shehnaaz Akhtar from Punjab Lions and Salman Ali from UP Dabbangs lit the stage when they performed “Tashan Mein.” The episode wrapped up with everyone considering their voice to be god gifted which can’t be learned or earned by any means.

All episodes OF IPML are available on Zee5 for free. Do let us know your favorite artists and the Team you want to see on top.

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