IPML Ep 2 Highlights: ‘Shaan and Kailash stuns Salman Khan with their Jugalbandi’ | Saturday Super Match

IPML: 'Shaan and Kailash stuns Salman Khan with their Jugalbandi' | Saturday Super Match, Read more on IPML Episode 1, 27 February

IPML: The wait is finally over. Television’s biggest reality show Indian Pro Music League has started on ZEE Tv and Zee5. After Bigg Boss season 14, Salman Khan is back as a League Ambassador for Indian Pro Music League. IPML will be host by the Famous anchor and a Tv star Karan Wahi and Waluscha De Sousa.  The show promises entertainment like never before.

IPML or Indian Pro Music League will be a competition with six teams, each representing different parts of India. This will be the first time in history, where heroes of the music world will represent not only their teams and themselves but also fight for their region’s pride. The team’s strategy and talent will decide the winners of this Ultimate Music Takkar!

Unlike other Indian reality shows, IPML has a completely different format and it even claims to be the world’s first-ever music premier league. What IPL does to cricket, IPML will try to do the same for music lovers. The show will have the same kind of energy as a sports league, like an IPL. In the show, there will be super matches, league matches, and so on. Six teams to represent six regions of India, against each other in a musical championship.

Indian Pro Music League: World's BIGGEST Music Reality show with Salman Khan on Zee airing on February 26, 2021.
Indian Pro Music League

Indian Pro Music League: Saturday Super Match- 27 February 2021

Just like Bigg Boss, this time too, they made an entry to the show with a ‘Swag’ and introduced the brand ambassador of each team to everyone. In the first episode, we have witnessed a Jugal-bandi between Salman and Govinda, as they set the stage on fire and everyone has started dancing with on ‘Partner’ movie theme song.

Karan Wahi and Waluscha De Sousa introduced the format and match fixtures of the league to everyone. He also introduced brand ambassadors from each team and an all-celeb-singer line-up of contestants.

The stage looks futuristic and there is a mix of funky bright colors and metallic hues blended in a way that stands out.

Read here to know more about the rules and regulations for Saturday Super Matches.

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IPML Super Match Teams performances


Bengal Tigers: Shaan, Akriti Kakar, and Rituraj Mohanty

Owner: Ananya Birla Foundation

Brand Ambassador: Govinda

Captain: Shaan

Team: Rituraj Mohanty, Akriti Kakar

Spotlight round

The owner herself, Ananya Birla started the Performance and sang “Kaisi Paheli Zindagani” very beautifully. Shan stuns everyone with his original song ‘Char Kadaam’, Akriti Kakar sang ‘Saturday-Saturday’ and Rituraj sang ‘Burj Khalifa’.

Super Round

In a super round, the whole team sings ‘Dus Bahane’

Gujrat Rockers: Javed Ali, Bhoomi Trivedi, and Hemant Brijwasi

Owner: Divya Bhaskar

Brand Ambassador: Rajkumar Rao

Captain: Javed Ali

Team: Hemant Brijwasi, Bhoomi Trivedi

 Spotlight round

The captain of Gujrat Rockers, Javed Ali started the performance with ‘Guzarish’ a song by Javed Ali and Sonu Nigam from Ghajini Movie. After the captain’s performance, Hemat Brijwasi made a special entrance on the stage, through portable doors and sings ‘Dhol Baje’ in his best voice. Bhoomi Trivedi joins at the last of the spotlight around and performed a solo on her original song called ‘Udi Udi Jaye’.

Super Round

In the Super round, the whole team joins Bhoomi Trivedi and coordinated beautifully on ‘Udi Udi Jaye’ with Bhoomi Trivedi. Believe me, the performance was magical.

Mumbai Warriors: Kailash Kher, Shilpa Rao, and Purva Mantri

Owners: Nilkamal Furniture

Brand Ambassador: Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia Deshmukh

Captain: Kailash Kher

Team: Shilpa Rao, Purva Mantri

Spotlight round

Captain Kailash Kher started his performance with the ‘Jay-JayKara’ song from Bahubali 2. Grammy awards nominee Shilpa Rao performed on ‘Ghungaroo’ and Purva Mantri in her stunning looks performed her solo on ‘Aga Bai’ from Aiyyaa movie.

Super Round

The whole team of Mumbai Warrior performed on ‘Ghamand Karega’. The lyrics of that song are

Rakt girega, maati taregi
Pyaas bujhegi ho
Dushman katega, dharti sajegi
Desh sajega ho
Rakt girega, maati taregi
Pyaas bujhegi ho
Dushman katega, dharti sajegi
Desh sajega ho


Delhi Jammers: Sajid Khan, Neha Bhasin, and Ankush Bhardwaj

Owner: Smule

Brand Ambassador: Shraddha Kapoor

Captain: Sajid Khan

Team: Neha Bhasin, Ankush Bharadwaj

Spotlight round

Neha Bhasin started the performance with ASLAM E ISQUM, Ankush Bharadwaj captivated everyone with his voice while singing ‘Khalibali’ and Captain Sajid Khan performed on ‘Jalwa’ from ‘Wanted’ movie, surprised Salman Khan as it was his song.

Super Round

In the super round whole team continues with Sajid’s songs and it was ‘Jalwa-Jalwa’ everywhere as everyone was on their feet.


Punjab Lions: Mika Singh, Asees Kaur, and Rupali Jagga

Owner: WeSafe India

Brand Ambassador: Bobby Deol

Captain: Mika Singh

Team: Rupali Jagga, Asees Kaur

Spotlight round

Captain Mika Singh stated the performance with ‘Lal meri Pat’. After the captain’s performance, Asees Kaur makes the entrance and sings her original ‘Akh lad jave’ and surprised everyone. Rupali Jagga joins at the last and performed on ‘Ranjha Ranjha’.

Super Round

In the super round, Mika started his performance with ‘Jumme ki Raat hai’ and later joins by Rupali and Asees. The combination of three of them was mindblowing

UP Dabbangs: Ankit Tiwari, Payal Dev, and Salman Ali

Owner: Eduauraa

Brand Ambassador: Suresh Raina

Captain: Ankit Tiwari

Team: Payal Dev, Salman Ali

Spotlight round

Ankit Tiwari started the performance with ‘Sunn Raha Hai Na Tu’, his original, and on ‘Dil cheez tujhe de di’. Laters joins by Payal Dev who performed on ‘Sara Zamana’ and at last, Salman sings ‘Sajdaa’ so beautifully and you should hear him singing.

Super Round

The team gave a well-executed performance by singing ‘Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani’.


Best Performace: Super Match- 27 February 2021

It was actually hard to decide which team was the best or worst. Actually, all teams went head to head with one another, singing the best Bollywood songs. IPML with Kailash Kher, Shaan, Ankit Tiwari, Mika Singh, Sajid Khan, Javed Ali, and Salman Khan on board and, in its wake, the gold rush has begun anew.

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