Is Ashtray Cal Jacob’s Third Son? The theory from Season one of Euphoria came back stronger than ever


How is Cal related to Ashtray? Ever since the release of season two of HBO MAX’s Euphoria, this particular theory from season one has made its way back to the fans. The second season opened with more information on the backstory of Fezco (played by Angus Cloud) and Ashtray (Javon Wanna Walton), and now fans have come up with quite a convincing theory related to Cal who is Nate’s father.

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In the first episode, it turns out that, at a young age, Ash was brought up by Fez’s grandmother (Kathrine Narducci) after being abandoned by his biological mother and father. However, when Fez’s grandmother fell ill, Ashtray was raised by Fez himself.

Fez and Ash have an unbreakable bond, and the latter is ready to kill to protect his older brother. However, things may change for the two in Season 2, as fans suspect that Ash may be the son of Cal Jacobs (Eric Dane) and the brother of Fez’s enemy, Nate (Jacob Elordi).


Discussions on the internet have come up with some new theories and some of them are quite convincing, one of them is Cal’s relationship with Ash. Jacobs’ third brother was seen in family photos at Nate’s home and on Nate’s father Cal’s phone screen. However, he has never been mentioned or included in the series, only Nate’s brother Aaron (Zak Steiner) appeared.

An image of a family photo in the Nate family area that appeared in the first series. In the frame, young Nate can be seen next to his father, mother, and older brother Aaron. To the right, however, there is a small boy, who, if you look closely, looks like a a younger version of Ashtray.


In Episode 3, an angry-looking Ashtray appears to hit Cal in the head with a sharp object — but why? Is it just to protect Fez, or is something deeper? Maybe this is the time Ashtray faced his father? Cal came out to his family in the following episode and the scene was very intense and emotional for CAL’s character.

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