Is BTS Disbanding? ARMY Shed Tears With BTS As They Announce a Hiatus

bts disband

BTS stated during their FESTA dinner 2022 that they will be taking an “indefinite vacation” to pursue solo projects, but they will “return eventually.” The group’s seven members are credited for bringing in billions of dollars for South Korea’s economy. Read on to know more about the hiatus.

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BTS’ sad announcement at FESTA 2022 that they would be taking an indefinite vacation was a bittersweet moment for ARMY. They made it plain that they were not breaking up, but that they wanted time to concentrate on themselves and their respective projects. After the release of Dynamite in 2020, Bangtan’s frontman RM (born Kim Nam-Joon) stated that he thought the group was losing direction and that he had lost ‘grip,’ adding that he didn’t know what type of group they were anymore.


The members of the group, who have been together for nine years, have said unequivocally that they are not breaking up. The news was revealed during their live-streamed annual “FESTA” dinner, which also served as a celebration of their 10-year anniversary as a band.

RM, 27, stated in the hour-long YouTube video that following the band’s Grammy-nominated past several hits, he “didn’t know what sort of group they were anymore,” later adding that members were “exhausted.” The members made it clear that the hiatus will not be permanent and that their comeback will be stronger than ever, something no one has seen before.


Toward the end of the video, many of the members of the group broke down and expressed thanks to their “ARMY” of followers. “BTS will begin a new chapter in which they will concurrently carry out the team and individual activities,” a spokesman for Big Hit Music stated in a statement. This will be a time for each of the members to grow via their various pursuits, and we expect BTS to become a long-running team as a result. This will be aggressively supported by the label.”

The group did not mention the duration of the hiatus but made sure that the fans knew that they will definitely be coming back with amazing music and a stronger discography.

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