Is G-Idle’s Soojin Making A Comeback Soon? Netizens discuss possibilities after Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s comeback was announced

is soojin making a comeback soon

After a long hiatus, netizens are speculating whether G-Idle’s Soojin will be making a comeback, after Stray Kids’ Hyunjin’s return was announced. At a recent online community forum, the network discussed Soojin’s possible return on future promotions as a member of (G) DLE. Read on to know more.

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Will Soojin Make a Comeback?

Another forum user posted, “What will happen if Soojin makes a come back?” and went on to write, “Soojin (G)I-DLE is currently ‘lost’. How would people react if just like Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, who suddenly appears in a comeback teaser? After sincerely apologizing Seo Shin Ae.”

The wave of allegations of harassment and bullying against Korean celebrities appears to be on the rise. On February 20, (G) DLE’s Soojin was accused of harassing a schoolmate by a high school classmate and his older sister. Rumor has it that she abused the actor Seo Shin Ae – who attended the same school, according to Naver.

After a series of statements and letters of apology denying the rumors, Cube Entertainment released a new statement on March 4, announcing that (G) DLE will now continue with all their future promotional activities as a five-member team currently as Soojin has been appointed to suspend all her activities. The statement comes after Cube released its first opinion on the matter by setting up a committee and denying the allegations on February 21.

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Netizens discuss Soojin’s comeback

Netizens poured in with comments about how Soojin should or should not be allowed to make a comeback anytime soon. Read some of the comments made by netizens below.

“To be honest, compared to all the other bullying scandals, Soojin’s seem the least severe, but she received the most hate Lolll.”

“If she has a conscious and really thinks about her members and fans, she can’t possibly think of solving this problem that way. She was given so many chances and such a long time too…sigh.”

“I kind of don’t care anymore. Whatever she chooses to do, I just hope she does it after leaving the group.”

“We shouldn’t be saying ‘even Hyunjin returned, so why can’t Soojin?’ Because Hyunjin shouldn’t have returned either.”

“Even Hyunjin returned, why can’t Soojin?”

“If Soojin leaves the group, (G)I-DLE’s choreography might become shaky.”

“Seeing how Soojin doesn’t have any explanations, isn’t it likely that she will leave the group?”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as the victim herself receives an apology.”

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