Is Lia Leaving ITZY? Netizens speculate Lia’s departure from Itzy After Soojn leaves G-Idle

is Lia leaving ITZY?

Will ITZY’s main vocalist Lia leave ITZY? After Cube Entertainment confirmed that Soojin will be leaving G-IDLE after her bullying scandal, people online are discussing if the same will happen to ITZY’s Lia because of her bullying allegations. Read on to know if the singer will be making her departure from the five-member girl group from JYP Entertainment.

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Will Lia Leave ITZY or not?

Netizens talk about Lia of ITZY following the news of Soojin’s official departure from her group (G) DLE. Especially since the news of Soojin’s removal by Cube Entertainment surfaced on the internet, netizens have been comparing the situation with other cases involving idols and allegations of harassment and bullying.

In a screenshot of ITZY’s latest YouTube activity, a broadcaster wrote about Lia’s situation: “Are they trying to keep her going without any sort of explanation ??? Looks like [ITZY] will make a studio album come back with this situation. well, the situation before making a return ?? “

Soojin, a member of the Kpop (G) DLE girls’ group, who has been accused of school violence, is leaving the group. She was accused of school violence in February and was under fire ever since. At the time, her management company Cube Entertainment completely denied allegations of school violence and filed a lawsuit against a network administrator who posted an online advertisement.

Netizen discuss Lia’s departure from ITZY

Meanwhile, netizens continue to talk about Stray Kids ’Hyunjin and Irene from Red Velvet, as well as other celebrities who have been involved in behavioural-related controversies but continue their promotions without any clarification.

“Of course … they have to give a good explanation. I just feel uncomfortable, I have to keep seeing someone who may be a bully … I don’t know what the company wants us to do, honestly.

“I know … What are you doing, JYP? The situation is all over because of Soojin’s departure and if you want to come back, you have to be well prepared … The grey state right now is so annoying to me”

“I hope they will come back after resolving the issue.”

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