Is Netflix’s Umbrella Academy cancelled: Will the show return with a new season?

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The Umbrella Academy immerses us in a world of want-to-be superheroes, time-travelling assassins, and deep, dark familial dysfunction, all set against the ticking clock of impending disaster. You may be casting your mind back to the Before Times, nervously attempting to recollect how the tale of the super-powered, super-dysfunctional Hargreeves family evolved, as the third season of the Netflix show premieres soon. Read on to know if the Netflix show stands cancelled.

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Every episode of The Umbrella Academy is thought-provoking, weird, and frequently baffling. It combines genres, deconstructs traditional story structure, and attempts to exceed your expectations at all times. All of these characteristics add to the show’s excellence, but they also mean that you’ll be forgiven if you find yourself scratching your head at the end of each episode.

This is a complicated voyage, so unless you’ve watched it several times and are also familiar with the original comics, you’re likely to miss something.


It’s been a long time since fans have been reunited with the Hargreeves since Season 2 aired in summer 2020, but even they couldn’t use their time-travelling abilities to film Season 3 ahead of the epidemic. After nearly two years of anticipation, a debut date has been set: June 22, 2022! Fans noted another detail about the new season along with the release announcement: the age rating has changed from TV-14 to TV-MA (for Mature Audiences), implying that there would be a lot more violence in the new episodes.


The programme was renewed by Netflix in November 2020, and production ended in late August 2021. Through showrunner Steve Blackman, the cast shared the good news on Instagram. Steve Blackman told T&C over the phone ahead of season two’s launch, “If we’re lucky enough to have a season three, I have a very spectacular season figured out.” So the series stands not cancelled.

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