Is Ranveer Singh an outsider or a star kid? Here is everything you need to know about his relation to Bollywood!

Is Ranveer Singh a star kid or an outsider?

Questions about Ranveer Singh being a star kid or a nepo kid has always ruled the searches on searching platforms, as nobody exactly knows a precise answer to it. While some people say that Ranveer Singh is a cousin to Sonam Kapoor, so he is somehow a star kid, others believe that he is an outsider and a self-made star.

Well, Ranveer Singh is definitely a ‘third’ cousin to Sonam Kapoor as the Raanjhanaa actress is the daughter of Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor who was earlier Sunita Bhavnani. Sonam Kapoor explains that her mother is related to the Bhavnani’s which makes Sonam and Ranveer ‘third’ cousins. However, it doesn’t validate the fact that Ranveer Singh is a star kid or repo kid.

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Ranveer Singh: Outsider or a star kid?

Ranveer Singh is an outsider and he comes from a wealthy business family. He is a self-made successful B-Town star, who has reached to the heights with his talent and hard-work. He has got great acting skills and he proved it with giving back-to-back hit films like Padmavat, Bajirao Mastani, and Ram-Leela.

His enthusiasm and zeal towards his work has taken him to such great heights. He has always been praised for his individual spirit and boundless confidence, even after receiving criticism from people for his quirky choices of outfits.

Ranveer Singh has his own style and does things as he wills, which is the reason he established himself as a Bollywood star in such a short span of time. He dropped his surname before entering into the Bollywood as he thinks that his real name Ranveer Singh Bhavnani is too long and also unmemorable.

No matter Ranveer Singh is an outsider or a star kid, he has got brilliant and extraordinary acting skills and the whole nation knows it. There is no point judging the actor on that basis.

Fans and admirers of the B-Town star are wishing the actor on his birthday today. Check out some of the wishes from his fans here:

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