IS Seo Yeji Returning to the Screen soon? Netizens discuss the possibility of the actress’ return to the screens after the bullying scandal

seo yeji's possible return to the big screen

After being involved in one of the biggest scandals in the KDrama industry, Seo Yeji might be making her return to the screen in a new TVN drama with a lead role. Netizens have taken to their social media discussing their views on the actress’ return after the hiatus. Read on to know more about the new front to Seo Yeji’s bullying scandal.

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Will Seo Yeji Comeback After Hiatus?

On September 7. 2021, it was announced by a media source that Seo Yeji was offered to play the lead role in one of the broadcast channel TVN’s upcoming dramas. This speculated an ocean of discussions about the actress’ return to the screen. According to the company that manages Seo Yeji’s projects reported that she was offered to play the lead role in the new series “Eve’s Scandal” by to be broadcasted on TVN.

She will be seen playing the role of the daughter of a chaebol family, and will go by the name ‘Lee Rael’.

Earlier, Seo Ye Ji started wrapping up rumors of sexual harassment after he allegedly ordered his ex-boyfriend, Kim Jung Hyun, to remove all scenes involving skin contact with female characters in the MBC show ‘Time’. In addition, Seo Ye Ji was also criticized for allegedly inventing his academic history in broadcasting.

Apart from the fact that Seo Seo Ji Ji’s Good Medalist label has denied the above allegations of sexual harassment and academic history, Seo Ye Ji quickly suspended all his activities before the release of her film ‘Recalled’, in early April.

Netizens Talk About Seo Yeji’s Comeback

When the news of Seo Yeji’s possible return surfaced on the internet, netizens started to comment and discuss the latest news and if Seo Yeji should end her hiatus to resume her acting projects.

Take a look at some of the comments that were made about her possible return.

“Get lost.” “Just please keep resting.” “I wonder who she bossed around this time to get this role. There are so many actresses just as capable as her, so why..?” “Nobody’s watching.” “Who do you think is gonna watch a drama with her in it??” “Wow she’s the worst.”

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