ITZY To Host Comeback Show On Naver Now: Drop Teaser For New Single “LOCO”

itzy to host comeback show on naver now

Kpop Girl group ITZY will be making a comeback with a new single “LOCO” along with the album release with “CRAZY IN LOVE” and announced that they will be hosting a comeback show on Naver Now. Read on to know more.

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ITZY Drops Teaser For ITZY

It is two days before ITZY’s debut album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’ is released and we can’t help but rejoice! The girl group has been entertaining fans with amazing tenders, conceptual photos and preview releases. Earlier, ITZY was releasing a beautiful teaser video for the b-side track music video called ‘SWIPE’ where the girls hugged each other in a quick selfie! Now, in a new update, the girls have released a teaser video for the new track track ‘LOCO’.

The members show off their beautiful sloping look, setting the tone for the outfits of top designers! Ryujin can be seen in a glistening black dress with distractions, Yuna flashes lovely on camera like a balloon and “Born To Love Ya” explodes! Lia is seen dressed in bright white with her shopping bags, looking everywhere for a moment! Chaeryeong sits right in the big black box “Crazy In Love”, which is the name of their album too. Yeji creates a cool, camera-friendly area, which looks amazing. Finally, we hear the caption of the song ‘LOCO’ at the end.

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Watch The Teaser For LOCO

ITZY dropped the teaser for “LOCO” on JYP Entertainment’s official Youtube Channel. Meanwhile, on September 21, ITZY announced that the girls’ band will begin showcasing their upcoming release of ‘LOCO’ on ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’. The stage will be launched a few days after the release of the album ‘CRAZY IN LOVE’, on September 27 at 2 pm EST (11:30 pm IST). The comeback show will air on 24 September, 12 PM KST.

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