IZ*ONE Expresses Gratitude Toward Fans At Final Concert: Disbandment Now In Process

izone disband

IZ*ONE has successfully wrapped up their final concert!

On March 13 and 14, IZ*ONE held their online concert “ONE, THE STORY.” This was their first concert in six months since their “ONEIRIC THEATER” concert in September. The concert featured the theme of seven different chapters in which IZ*ONE’s performances unfolded. Opening the stage with “La Vie en Rose” and “Mise-en-Scène,” the IZ*ONE members shared, “Although we can’t be in one location together due to unfortunate circumstances, we feel reassured and gain strength at the thought of WIZ*ONE [IZ*ONE’s official fan club name] from all over the world supporting us. We’ll work even harder while thinking that we’re together with WIZ*ONE from all over the world.”

IZ*ONE proceeded to perform their hit title tracks and b-sides such as “BEAUTIFUL COLOR,” “O’ My!,” “Sunflower (Hey. Bae. Like it.),” “Highlight,” “Violeta,” “FIESTA,” “Rococo,” “Merry-Go-Round,” “Secret Story of the Swan,” “Panorama,” and “Sequence.” They also rearranged songs such as “OPEN YOUR EYES,” “Up,” “Airplane,” “Island,” “Pretty,” and “O Sole Mio” with beautiful acoustic melodies.

IZ*ONE also showcased surprise video letters towards each other. While expressing their gratitude towards fans who continued to love and support them during the two and a half years, the members couldn’t hold back their tears. They shared, “We were able to endure well and stand up again every time we were exhausted and struggling because the members and WIZ*ONE were there. Please always reliably be on our side, and thank you for making us unforgettable memories. We were happy each and every day thanks to WIZ*ONE.”

Reason for IZ*ONE Disbanding

According to Mnet, IZ*ONE will be disbanding in April as planned. K-pop girl group IZ*ONE will be holding a concert in March ahead of the expiration of their exclusive contract.

IZ*ONE held the online concert “One, The Story” on March 13 and 14, according to an announcement by Stone Music Entertainment. The concert’s poster is similar to the concept of the teaser video of IZ*ONE’s “La Vie en Rose,” the lead single of their debut album.

On March 10, Mnet released the following statement:

“Hello. This is Mnet.

Ahead of the conclusion of the “IZ*ONE” project, Mnet, Swing Entertainment, and Off The Record have held discussions and listened to the opinions of each agency for the best activities the 12 members can carry out.

The activities of project group IZ*ONE, which debuted in 2018 with the album “COLOR*IZ” and grew into a girl group that represents Asia and is loved not only in Korea but also around the world, will come to a close in April as planned.

A two-day online concert “ONE, THE STORY” will be held on on March 13 and 14 with the fans who love IZ*ONE.

Mnet, Swing Entertainment, and Off The Record express our gratitude to the 12 members of IZ*ONE who showed their best, and we will continue to support them as artist so that the fantastical story they created together can continue on.

Please anticipate and support the new sides they will show from now on.”


IZ*ONE is a twelve-member group that debuted in 2018 after winning the Kpop survival show Produce 48 which ended in 2018. IZ*ONE made its debut on Oct. 29, 2018, with the album “ColorIz.” Their contracts are for two years and six months and will expire in April. By the end of 2020, IZONE’s three albums sold 1.23 million copies. According to Hanteo Chart, “Oneiric Diary” garnered 439,994 copies in sales while “BLOOMIZ” had 415,827 copies and “ONE-REELER: Act 4” had 378,443.

 The group consists of 9 Korean and 3 Japanese members. The first-ever group is managed both by Korean and Japanese management systems.

Upon its release, the group received immediate and immense success, selling over 225,000 units and peaking at number 2 on South Korea’s Gaon Album Chart from their debut album, Color*iz.


Panorama was Iz*one last music video as a twelve member group. The song showcases stunning visuals, honey like vocals and smooth choreography.

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