Izone’s Sakura Miyawaki Has Officially Signed With HYBE labels: Reports Japanese Media Outlets

izone's sakura miyawaki signs with hybe labels

Izone’s Sakura Miyawaki has reportedly signed an exclusive contract with HYBE labels, home to BTS, Enhypen, TXT and Seventeen. The announcement was made by some Japanese media outlets recently. Is Hybe launching a girl group soon? Read on to know more.

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iZONE’S Sakura Miyawaki Has Joined Hybe Labels

According to a special report from Japanese news agency WoW Korea about Newsen, Miyawaki Sakura has signed a contract with HYBE labels. According to the report, one of Miyawaki Sakura’s representatives also confirmed the signing. Earlier, it was reported that HYBE was trying to hire Miyawaki Sakura and IZ * ONE member Kim Chaewon to join their company to lead their upcoming new girls’ group.

HYBE simply said they had no comment about the rumours. It was also announced in March that Miyawaki Sakura would join HYBE and after that, they simply said no decision had been made.

Miyawaki is also in talks to join the girls’ group, but the talks are said to have been “delayed due to the difficulty of negotiations between HYBE and its Japanese representatives”, according to a translation by Koreaaboo. The report also stated that another undisclosed member of IZ * ONE was offered a place in the group. However, it is reported that the chances of a member’s inclusion remain low due to her desire to act instead of making music.

Both HYBE and Woollim Entertainment, an organisation representing Chae-won, later issued a brief statement in response to the allegations against Hankook Ilbo, saying “they cannot help verify the details of our artist contracts. We ask for your understanding.”

Meanwhile, former IZ * ONE singer Konon Eun-bi is expected to start playing solo with her debut EP ‘OPEN’, featuring the song ‘AMIGO’, which will be released on August 24. Her company, Woollim Entertainment, confirmed for the first time that “She’s working to make for the last time on her solo album “earlier this month.

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