Jackson Wang goofs up & SPOILS his next release, talks about TEAM WANG: Announces Team WANG X RYCE Entertainment, Steals the spotlight for Harper’s Bazaar Korea shoot

jackson wang to make a comeback

GOT7 member and TEAM WANG CEO, Jackson Wang recently joined iHeart Radio’s Ask Anything Chat and was his usual goofy self. GOT7’s Jackson took to his social media to announce a recent strategic merger of his company TEAM WANG with RYCE Entertainment.

Jackson Wang with iHeart Radio

In the morning of May 23, iHeart Radio uploaded the video titled ‘#TEAMWANG CEO Jackson Wang with 9 Minutes Of Wisdom’. Sporting the chic hip hop look with a black vest with his upper shoulder and arm tattoo exposed, a thick chain around his neck and a black beanie, Jackson looked comfortable answering questions and had his mind running in different places. The video was recorded during the release of his hit single, LMLY (Leave My Loving You) and was a part of its promotions. It starts with a fan saying that LMLY describes her feelings towards him to which Jackson also replied with an ‘I love you too’. 

Things got exciting when the second question had the fan asking if his next release would be based on a similar concept and story as his previous releases of Pretty Please and LMLY. It had Jackson thinking and he replied saying that songs weren’t similar in stories, but rather in direction and the 80s, 90s concept. He started by saying he can’t spoil much (well, no one can see their future!) and said that his next release will be “similar in terms of the genre of music” but he also added that it will be something different, something that fans wouldn’t expect from him. 

A fan asked if TEAM WANG would expand to the East Coast and Jackson very politely started talking about the current expansion of TEAM WANG, stating that he wants it to “be steady”, and aims for quality. He even teased the fan saying, “May 5-6 years later, you may be one of us. Our crew member.”

He then went ahead and shared his thoughts on being introduced to the behind-the-scenes of production, including the many different teams and hard work that goes behind it. He also added that that’s how TEAM WANG  Production started which helps other artists for music video, production, photography, design, concept, treatments, creative ideas and more. 

Jackson announces Team WANG X RYCE

The 27-year-old is many things at once – a singer, rapper, producer, songwriter, dancer, designer, entrepreneur, founder and many other things. He founded his record label ‘TEAM WANG’ in 2017 and later established a design label with the same name, TEAM WANG Design. 

On May 21, Jackson took to his Instagram to share an exciting news. He posted pictures of a brand new complex and its aesthetic, elegant infrastructure design and hinted that TEAM WANG is taking the next step forward in going global. He captioned it with – ‘LET’S MAKE HISTORY AGAIN’. The account of TEAM WANG posted the same images, and also announced in detail about the merger. RYCE Entertainment and TEAM WANG’s partnership will now include production, distribution, publishing and artist management, along with providing multi-dimensional activities and support to their roster of artists – all of this, on a global scale. 

Jackson Wang for Harper’s Bazaar Korea shoot

He’s known to be one of the style icons in the industry. You’ll see him in prints, monochrome, monotone looks, oversized patterns, and more. He loves experimenting with fashion and well, the end result is always impressive. Talking about the first look, he wore a Sulvam reversible black & white embroidered blazer worth $1,200 USD (Rs. 89501 approx) which he adorned with matching pants.

Well, he is known for making a strong style statement, he was spotted in a white logo printed t-shirt from Berluti worth $580 (Rs. 43259 approx) which he teamed up with Versace’s patchwork jeans worth $1,775 (Rs. 13,2398 approx).

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