Jay Bhanushali and Vishal Kotian’s friendship comes to an end? Read here to know more about JaiVeeru Ki Jodi

Jay Bhanushali

Jay Bhanushali and Vishal Kotian’s fight: Since the starting of the show, Jay and Vishal are seen as good friends, discussing about the tasks and making strategies together but as the weeks passed, both are getting separated as Jay Bhanushali is forming grudges against Vishal Kotian after the wild card contestants and the guests who entered the house, confronted Vishal about being diplomat and talking about everyone behind their back. Jay has lost his trust on Vishal and he is holding a grudge in his heart for him.

Vishal tried to clear out things with him but things are still cold between the two. In a recent episode, a fight broke out between the two and they got into a war of words. They insulted each other and held out their grudges towards each other.

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Jay Bhanushali and Vishal Kotian become enemies?

The nastry argument srated when Vishal confronted Jay that why is he still holding a grudge against him to which Jay replied, “Agar mujhe koi hurt karega toh main grudge rakhunga” to which Vishal said, “Par woh baat khatam ho chuki hai.” This is how the fight started between the two. Jay Bhanushali said, “Tujhe yaha koi pasand nahi karta, jo celebrity aata hai teri buraai karke jaata hai”, this offended Vishal and he said, “Tu sabki chaaploosi karta hai, teri koi story nahi hai toh ab story banane ki koshish mat kar.” Both of them blamed and insulted each other.

Later Vishal said, “Tu toh dushmani ke bhi laayak nahi hai.” Both of them were close during the beginning of the season but now the tables have completely turned and we can see how these two friends are turning into the new enemies in the house.

They said a lot of things to each other and Vishal was also seen pointing fingers at Jay’s character. When Jay asked him to stay away from him, saying that he stinks, Vishal said, “Your character stinks.”

Let’s see where this new enmity takes them in the upcoming episodes.

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