Jay Park Apologizes Once Again For Using Offensive Lyrics In Mukkbang: Twitter Cancelled Him For Comparing Himself To Allah

jay park under fire for offensive lyrics

Jay Park also known as Park Jaebum recently got into trouble for using religiously offensive lyrics for a collaboration song called “Mukkbang: Remix”. The rapper is also a singer, songwriter, composer, producer and the founder of two record labels for hip hop namely AOMG and HIGHR Music. He is quite famous for bringing about a change and gap between the Korean and American Hip hop culture as a genre.

But another one of his songs brought him under fire which in December 2020, led many of his Muslim fans to be offended. Three artists including Jay Park took part in writing the lyrics for the song Mukkbang: remix which were extremely offensive. Lil Cherry and GOLDBUUDA also took part in this collaboration.

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In the song JAY PARK compared himself to Allah which was noticed by Twitter, brought the offense to his notice and demanded an apology from him. This is not the first time the rapper was seen using offensive lyrics.

The lyrics in ‘Mukkbang! Remix’ came up on social media and the verse that is the most problematic and offensive is sung by Jay Park. He raps, “Grabbin’ a fork likе oh my God / Look like you seen a Holy Ghost / Jaw drop, I can never fall off / Worship mе like Allah / Get it done like wallah.” In Islam, even thinking of any other human, spiritual, non-material thing on this planet as Allah, is the biggest sin. People were quick to respond and bash the rapper, demanding an apology and for the song to be taken off the internet. 

Earlier today, Jay Park posted an apology online and even thanked one of the fans for making him understand the situation and the mistake he made. This apology has left many fans divided whether they should accept his apology or not. Especially Muslim fans as some say they forgive him for educating himself, apologizing and hoping he does not repeat the mistake again.

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