Jessi’s Comeback With New Track “What type of X”: Drops BOMBS With Her New Music Video and Claims Her Throne

jessi makes a comeback

Jessi has dropped a music video for “What Type of X”.

In the MV, Jessi is a queen who rules her black, gold, and yellow domain in a black body suit and more. “What Type of X” is a song that both Psy and Jessi worked on together along with johnjohn, JAE RO, CuzD, DONNA, and SPACE ONE, and it’s about being your own person despite any outside forces. 

The songstress exudes confidence through the lyrics she wrote with PSY and recommended the song –- complete with thumping beat and catchy chorus –- for exercise or when feeling angry.

Jessi held an online showcase to mark the release of a digital single “What Type of X” on Wednesday. 

There was not much of time to produce the song but it took such a toll on us, she confided, acknowledging with a bashful smile that she is trying not to get her hopes too high. 

“We only had two days to shoot the music video, and it was the longest two days,” she went on expressing her gratitude for PSY, the head of her label and collaborator on the song, for staying by her side throughout the shoot. Everyone cried after filming it, and she was so grateful to the whole crew, she added.

She dropped a fierce teaser image for What Type Of X, where she is seen channelling her inner goth-royal vibe. She is wearing a black bejewelled crown, with a sleek black outfit. She is sporting a luscious brown shade of lipstick, matching her perfect hair. What Type of X is a song that both Psy and Jessi worked on together, along with johnjohn, JAE RO, CuzD, DONNA, and SPACE ONE. It expresses Jessi’s signature style of fierceness and confidence.

The comeback was announced by P NATION through their various SNS handles and Jessi also referred to the same on the latest episode of her talk show “Jessi’s Showterview”. It will be interesting to see what concept Jessi will try next and what song we’ll be bopping to until her next comeback.

 Fans cannot help but be excited over this comeback because if you know anything about Jessi, she knows how to put on a grand show.
Jessi’s previous comeback in 2020 was with the smash hit song “Nunu Nana“, after which, she participated in and promoted with Lee Hyori’s dream project girl group, effectively named Refund Expedition or Refund Sisters, indicating the strong personalities who make up the group who can elicit refunds for any and all things. Alongside her and Lee Hyori were MAMAMOO’s Hwasa and the legendary Uhm Jung Hwa.

Watch her latest music video below:

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