#JhopeRecordBreaker dominates Twitter Trends after BTS’ Jhope was announced as the only Korean soloist to have 8 tracks with over 50 million streams on Spotify

jhope record breaker dominates twitter trends

BTS’ Jhope dominates the Twit5ter trends once again after being crowned as the only Korean solo artist to have over 50 million streams on eight of his tracks on Spotify. This is a very big achievement for the Kpop sensation BTS’ main dancer and rapper. Read on to know more.

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#JhopeRecordBreaker: BTS’ Jhope Spotify King

BTS’ main dancer and rapper JHOPE also known as Jung Hoseok has now surpassed over 50 million streams on eight of his tracks on Spotify. The rapper has beautiful tracks and albums out there just waiting to be streamed because they are undeniably perfect.

In a very recent interview with Weverse, an online community platform, the rapper from Kpop Sensation BTS talked about the sense of responsibility that comes along with immense success. He opened up about what he felt about the immense popularity BTS’ single “Butter” received and how the track secured its number one position on the Billboard music chart for 8 consecutive weeks.

“Whenever I try to embrace an unintended success, in my mind I’m always like … It’s like half happiness, half a feeling that makes me think seriously about what I accomplished,” he said. “There’s a sense of responsibility that comes along with such an honourable achievement. ARMYs (the group’s fanbase) have done so much to keep us at number one, and I’m incredibly thankful for that.”, he added, while talking about the group’s ever-growing global popularity.

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