“I am tormented and guilty”: Ji Soo Shares Handwritten Letter Of Apology In Response To School Violence Allegations

“Along with the other kpop idols and actors who have been accused of bullying and sexual harassment, actor Ji soo has admitted to being a bully and shared a handwritten letter to apologize for the damage he caused in his past.

Keyeast Entertainment, actor Ji Soo’s agency released a statement stating they are probing into the allegations. Here’s what Ji soo’s statement said after he admitted to the acts.


“I sincerely apologize to the people who suffered because of me.
There is no excuse for my past misconduct.
They were things that cannot be forgiven.

As I began my acting career, I received an undeserved amount of interest from the public with my past enshrouded, and I think that’s how I ended up here today.

However, there was always a part of me inside that felt guilty about the past, and my regret, which came too late for me to turn things back, always brought me a great deal of anxiety.
I always felt crushed by my dark past.

I want to express my deep atonement to the people who must have suffered for a long time while watching me go about my work as an actor, and I will reflect on and repent my past, which can never be washed away, for the rest of my life.

I am tormented and feel guilty about the fact that I have inflicted tremendous damage upon the network, producers, actors, and all of the staff who have been quietly working hard on the drama set [of “River Where the Moon Rises“].
I desperately hope that the drama does not see further damage because of me.

Upon my knees, I sincerely apologize to everyone who has been hurt by me.”

Famous South Korean actor Kim Ji Soo, who is currently popular for the KBS series ‘River Where the Moon Rises’, has been accused of violence at school and sexually assaulting a school student. An anonymous user took to Instagram to post the claims along with stating that the user has the victim’s audio recording as proof of the incident.

The anonymous user, who claimed to be a former classmate of Ji Soo, accused the 27-year-old K-drama star of being a school bully at Seorabeol Middle School. The user alleged that the actor bullied the person from 2006 to 2008 writing, “Actor Ji Soo is a perpetrator of school violence.” The first accusation stirred a conversation where more social media users claiming to be former classmates of the ‘Bad Guys 2’ star came out and shared details of horrific instances, allkpop reported.

The actor was also accused of being a sexual perpetrator and a ‘womaniser’.

According to reports carried out by Sports Chosun and YTN News, The anonymous user claimed that he took advantage of his big build and bullied fellow classmates using various means of physical and verbal violence. The user even claimed that the actor behaved like a ‘gangster’ and a ‘delinquent’, beating and abusing fellow classmates at the slightest provocation. Ji Soo would make fellow classmates pay for his cigarettes and lunch and wouldn’t tolerate anybody opposing him and his group which consisted of bullies.

Actor Ji Soo’s agency Keyeast Entertainment released a statement following allegations of sexual assault and school violence. Keyeast Entertainment stated that they are seriously investigating the matter and require time to do their best. They will be verifying facts without any bias and requested netizens to report any information to [email protected]. Moreover, if people would come forward and like to speak about it, the agency would like to directly hear their direct thoughts on this matter. They sincerely apologized for causing concern to many people and will do their best to resolve the matter.


“Hello. This is Keyeast.

This is our position on the content in the posts about our actor Ji Soo that are being spread around online communities.

We are looking at this incident seriously and will do our utmost to verify the facts.

First, as a very long time has passed since the time that is being addressed, we ask for your understanding about needing time to verify the truth.

We will receive reports through email ([email protected]) about this matter and collect the information as is without distorting anything. Moreover, if the creator of the posts and the others who came forward will allow, we would like to directly hear their thoughts.

In addition to confirming the facts, the agency and our actor will do our best to resolve this matter. We apologize for causing concern to many people.

However, apart from this issue, we earnestly ask you to avoid creating and posting parts that have not been confirmed from the information that is being spread indiscreetly.

Thank you.”

JI Soo’s Instagram

The actor is starring in the new Kdrama “River where the moon rises” and has been sharing updates about the show’s developments and BTS content. Even though there are rumors about Jisoo being replaced by another actor because of his harassment scandal, here’s the series of pictures he posted about his participance in the show.


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