Jikaria Sisters: Here are the top 5 viral videos of the Jikaria Sisters glamorising the South Asian culture.

Who are the Jikaria sisters? Check out everything about the trio here with their top 5 viral videos

Omika, Rishika, and Aashika, who portray themselves as the Jikaria Sisters were born and brought up in Brooklyn, New York. The trio grooves to the beats of Indian music, glorifying the Gujrati culture, from where there parents emigrated in the 1980s.

Their parents encouraged them to learn the art of dance, honouring their culture while focusing and prioritising their academics. The Jikaria Sisters started learning the Russian Ballet at the age of 3, in Brooklyn. Since then, the trio started dancing together and exploring their culture in a much diversified way.

They learned different dance styles including Bharatnatyam, Ballroom, Jazz, and Contemporary. The Jikaria sisters are passionate for dancing and have been dancing together since childhood.

The way they groove and move to the beats of music, glamorising the South Asian culture, has caught a lot of attention from the audience. They are bringing the magic of Bollywood to TikTok. Also, the trio is using dance as a tool to bring more representation the greater South Asian diaspora on Social media.

Dancing on various styles have helped the sisters to connect more with their Indian-American identity.

The Jikaria sister talking about their cultural representation said, “Growing up, we felt as if our Indian and American identities were mutually exclusive; we did not think that both identities could co-exist. It was easy to feel as if engaging with our Indian identity made us less American and vice versa. This is mainly due to limited representation of South Asian Americans in mainstream media and positions of societal influence“.

The Jikaria sisters have a huge number of fan following on their TikTok and Instagram account. Indians can scroll over to their Instagram from below and follow them, as TikTok is not operational with India

Here are the top 5 viral videos of the Jikaria sisters that you cannot miss!

The Three sister, have taken over the Internet and there music has been shared by people around the globe.

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