“I was starstruck when I met Judge Judy”: Scarlett Johansson gushes over Judge Judy on the Jimmy Fallon Show

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Scarlett Johansson, also known as Black Widow was seen gushing over Judge Judy when she appeared on the Jimmy Fallon Show. The Oscar-nominated actress made a guest appearance on the show while promoting her recently released animated movie “Sing 2”. The movie also starred Reese Witherspoon, Tori Kelly, Bono, Taron Egerton, and Halsey as voice actors.

Scarlett Johansson got her own spin-off as Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the release of Avengers: The Endgame. “Black Widow” was released this year and also won Movie of the Year at the People’s Choice Awards. The movie also starred Florence Pugh who was last seen in Midsommar and Little women.

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Scarlett Johansson on The Jimmy Fallon Show

Scarlett Johansson was seen as a guest star on an episode of The Jimmy Fallon Show. The actress was seen promoting her new animated movie “Sing 2” which was released on December 22. While talking about the new movie, Scarlett also revealed that she did a Cher impression for the first time after she got her tonsils removed.

Universal and Illumination’s animated musical Sing 2 had a great start among the new releases, coming out second with $ 23.7 million on the traditional weekend and $ 41 million from Wednesday.

Scarlett being a fangirl for Judge Judy

Scarlett talked about how she met her icon Judge Judy and it was a very good experience. “I met Judge Judy once, she was at a table with her family in a restaurant. I was so star-struck, I just couldn’t believe it. She was so wonderful and nice, I wasn’t that nervous after we talked.”


Maybe anything could happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it sounds safe to say that Scarlett Johansson’s run as a Black Widow has come to an end. But, that doesn’t mean her contribution to the franchise should stop there.

Johansson relies heavily on the productive side of things now. Not only is he the producer of the upcoming Disney Tower of Terror film and the A24 sci-fi Bride drama, but he also continues to work on MCU production. Just last month, Kevin Feige revealed that Johansson was producing “a secret Marvel Studio project that has nothing to do with the black widow.”

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