‘JUSTICE FOR 1D AND LITTLE MIX’: Jedward’s John and Edward Grimes Call Out Simon Cowell And X-Factor For Mistreating Their Groups, “Every contestant was a slave to the show!”


‘JUSTICE FOR 1D AND LITTLE MIX: Jedward, the music group consisting of twin musicians John and Edward Grimes, has called out Simon Cowell, founder of popular show X-Factor, and his music company Syco Entertainment. They called out X-Factor and how Cowell’s company has mistreated the music groups that they created and managed for years. Among the groups he mentioned, two extremely popular and beloved groups that originated from X-Factor, One Direction, and Little Mix were also mentioned.

The group posted a series of tweets on their twitter account, exposing the corrupt industry, and how artists become victims to these contracts.

Jedward on Twitter

Jedward started off with saying, “The Biggest regret in life was not telling the judges on Xfactor to f*** off.”

“Every contestant on the Xfactor was a slave to the show and got paid Zero while they made millions!”, they continued. “Simon Cowell thinks he’s the Mafia leader of the music industry when in reality he’s nothing but a bad facelift.”

Jedward talked about the mistreatment that 1D and Little Mix have had to face

“There’s a reason Syco is called Psycho! 1D and Little Mix are legally f***ed in contracts and can never speak out so we are!”, they said. “There’s nothing MODEST about their previous management dictating their every move from Relationships to how they live their own lives! Justice for 1D & Little Mix.”

“We have 1D’s contract which was sent to use by mistake cuz we had the same label! Same management! Same security and accountants! Legally posting contracts online is gonna end up in court but we’ve known for many years the situation! Niall! Liam! Louis! Zayn! Harry! You’re survivors.”

Jedward takes a risk by exposing Simon Cowell

Among other things, the duo also exposed the problems that artists had to face while being under the company. Jedward claimed that no power is ever given to the artists themselves.

“This isn’t our story to tell! It’s an insight of how corrupt the music industry is! We’re sending courage & strength to all artists being f***ed over! It ends now.”, they exclaimed. “Facts are facts we’re putting ourselves in a very dangerous position speaking out! Victims in the music industry need to be heard! Fans have known for years!”

“Artists are on the brink of collapse at the end of touring and having to act like everything is ok! Humans can’t be owned. Artists shouldn’t be owned! When artists ask too much questions they’re a threat and are blacklisted and not given the Radio/PR cuz they want them to fail to make way for new naive dreamers to fuck over. The amount of cover up stories and media that are hired to destroy an artist’s self worth! They never want the power to be in their hands!”

They also mentioned how these artists are isolated from their families, so that they become dependant on the fake industry friends.

“We’ve heard all kinds of stories in LA…People don’t just over dose most of the time it’s a set up they’re put in bath/bed and left there till the emergency services are called! They always isolate artists from their families and make them dependent on fake industry friends who don’t have their back!”

Who created X-Factor?

X-Factor was created in 2004 by Simon Cowell in the UK. The purpose of the show is to find talented singers, and many famous artists have started their career off through X-Factor. Musicians of all varieties competed against each other to ultimately get the prize of a record deal with Cowell himself.

Popular groups such as One direction, Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Jedward and even solo artists such as James Arthur, have originated from X-Factor.

Ever since these shocking facts about the show were revealed by the duo, fans of these famous bands have come together on social media to stand up for their beloved groups. The hashtag, #JusticeFor1DAndLittleMix has been trending on twitter, ever since the tweets of Jedward surfaced.

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