Kangana Ranaut Twitter: She claims her tweets are intended for ‘high IQ people’ after being called ‘truly clueless, uneducated human’

Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s  tweets are for “High IQ People” : Actress Kangana Ranaut has mentioned that her tweets are meant for ‘excessive IQ’ folks after she was called a ‘clueless, uneducated’ individual on Twitter. The level of competition was a press release made by Kangana in opposition to US president Joe Biden.

Reacting to a journalist calling her a ‘truly clueless, uneducated, stupid human being who believes she knows everything’, and still uses the derogatory term ‘red Indian’, Kangana wrote, “My tweets are only for high intellect/IQ people, I can’t sit and explain to every dummy, there are limited words and time, fools like you get excited for what? It’s not for you, and what about red Indians? You don’t know Brando is a Native American you chillar…”

Check out the tweets:

This is not the first time that Kangana has drawn a comparison between herself and actor Marlon Brando. Replying to a Twitter user, she had written earlier this month: “They are the invaders in native red Indians land I am a native Indian who wants to protect my land,of course I won’t reflect her sentiments, that way I am more like Marlon Brando,now it will rattle you more, as a matter of fact I snubbed Filmfare just how Brando snubbed Oscars.”

Previously, Kangana’s sister, Rangoli Chandel had also compared her to Brando. Citing his boycott of the Oscars in 1973 in protest of Hollywood’s treatment of Native Americans, she said that the similarities between him and Kangana were too obvious to ignore. “I can’t pretend not to see many similarities here, Kangana has always been upset about disrespected portrayal of Hindus ( Native Indians) like great talent Brando, Kangana too gained huge respect nation wide,” Rangoli wrote last year.

In another tweet, Rangoli added, “she too used her popularity to ask important questions, she too refused honours given to her by film awards, Wow!! Getting goosebumps.”

The National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) maintains that names like Redskins perpetuate negative stereotypes of Native American people. Kangana also recently compared herself to Gal Gadot and Meryl Streep. Rangoli’s Twitter account has since been suspended for spreading hate speech.

Kangana Ranaut’s tweets are for High IQ People? Do you also think it’s true?

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