Vincenzo Episode 19 and 20: Song Joong Ki’s Vincenzo is back stronger than ever, when and where to watch the drama’s final run

vincenzo receives 6th highest ratings in tvn history

Vincenzo had its viewers curious with its interesting storyline and romance between Vincenzo and Cha-Young. The new episode will be aired on May 1. The makers have aired 18 episodes so far and Vincenzo Episode 19 release date is May 1, 2021. Take a look at what Vincenzo episode 19 has in store for its viewers.

According to Nielsen Korea, the latest episode of Song Joong Ki starrer Vincenzo broke into the double digits with an average nationwide rating of 10.2 percent and a peak of 11.5 percent, marking a new personal record for the thriller series. The Korean drama returned after a brief hiatus with Episodes 17 and 18 over the past weekend and featured some major developments. Watch the trailer below:

What to expect from Vincenzo episode 19 and 20?

Vincenzo features the titular character Vincenzo Cassano, aka Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong-ki), an Italian mob consigliere of South Korean descent who returns to South Korea to access a late Chinese mobster’s hidden gold in Geumga Plaza. Vincenzo Episode 18 showed Jang Han-Seo shooting Vincenzo, with the police officers assuming him to be dead. One also sees Vincenzo tormenting Jang Han-Seok and pulling off all the important details from him.

 Han-Seok begins to suspect Han-Seo after he defied him. Furthermore, Director Kim catches Cho Young-woon and says he knows all about the gold under Geumga-dong Plaza along with the Guillotine file. Cho Young-woon is reluctant to find the person who made the security system and later finds out about Seo Mi Ri. Mr. Cassano comes in time and saves Cha Young and Mi Ri from the goons.

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Vincenzo Episode 19 details

Song Joong Ki’s latest K-drama’s new episode will be aired on May 1. In the upcoming episode, one will see Vincenzo fighting Director Kim’s goons. It is likely that Myung-Hee and Jang Han Seok will plan something for their return. The new episode will show how Vincenzo moved the gold. However, as the finale is approaching, Vincenzo may receive a setback from Myung Hee with their case filings.

When and where to watch Vincenzo Episodes 19 and 20?

Vincenzo Episode 19 will air on Saturday, May 1 at 9 PM Korean Standard Time on tvN in South Korea and will be released on Netflix at 11 AM ET. Also, the finale, Episode 20, will be released on Sunday, May 2. We will also find out what happened to the gold inside the Geumga Plaza safe and whether the building’s residents would be able to continue living in it. More importantly, viewers would still be anticipating the long-awaited confession of love between Vincenzo and Hong Cha-young.

With only 3 episodes remaining, episode 17 of tvN’s Vincenzo recorded an average rating of 12.3 percent in the metropolitan area that peaked at 14.4 percent. Nationwide, the episode recorded an average of 11 percent and reached a high of 12.8 percent, ranking first in all channels including terrestrial channels.

This has increased anticipation of the next episode that would be aired on Sunday, April 25.

The sixth episode of SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama Taxi Driver, broadcasted on April 24, recorded an average rating of 16.8 percent, in the second half, in the metropolitan area that reached a momentary high of 18.3 percent. It’s 2049 ratings reached 7.1 percent, ranking first among all dramas aired during the week.

The top 10 dramas that generated the most buzz this week are as follows:

  1. tvN’s “Vincenzo”
  2. JTBC’s “Sisyphus: The Myth”
  3. KBS 2TV’s “River Where the Moon Rises”
  4. JTBC’s “Beyond Evil”
  5. SBS’s “Taxi Driver”
  6. tvN’s “Mouse”
  7. tvN’s “Navillera”
  8. KBS 2TV’s “Revolutionary Sisters”
  9. KBS 2TV’s “Miss Monte-Cristo”
  10. KBS 2TV’s “Hello, Me!”

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Meanwhile, the top 10 drama actors that generated the most buzz this week are as follows:

  1. Song Joong Ki (“Vincenzo”)
  2. Jeon Yeo Bin (“Vincenzo”)
  3. Lee Seung Gi (“Mouse”)
  4. Yeo Jin Goo (“Beyond Evil”)
  5. Cho Seung Woo (“Sisyphus: The Myth”)
  6. 2PM’s Taecyeon (“Vincenzo”)
  7. Na In Woo (“River Where the Moon Rises”)
  8. Lee Je Hoon (“Taxi Driver”)
  9. Park Shin Hye (“Sisyphus: The Myth”)
  10. Shin Ha Kyun (“Beyond Evil”)

Song Joong Ki’s comeback drama Vincenzo has been a super success and the amazing ratings are proof of that! Vincenzo enjoyed a boost in viewership, scoring an average nationwide rating of 13.9 percent for its latest episode. The various twists and turns in the drama are keeping viewers hooked and waiting for the next week’s twin episodes. 

Vincenzo achieved its highest viewership ratings to date among the key demographic of viewers ages 20 to 49, with whom it scored an average of 6.1 percent and a peak of 7.2 percent nationwide in Korea.

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