Key East Entertainment Terminates Ji Soo’s Acting Contract After Bullying and Sexual Assault Scandal: Ji Soo Takes Legal Action Against False Accusations

jisoo to part ways with agency

Aftermath of actor Ji Soo’s bullying scandal is now in full action. Key East Entertainment terminated Ji Soo‘s Contract just after a few months of joining the management agency. The Company and Actor Ji Soo have now parted ways. This sudden change came in when the actor’s engagement in bullying and violent sexual assault from the past was exposed by a netizen.

On May 27, 2021, Key East Entertainment Agency Released a Statement Regarding Ji Soo’s Contract:

“Hello, this is KeyEast.

This is a notice that the exclusive contract with our agency’s actor Ji Soo has come to a conclusion.

We assessed that it is currently difficult for Ji Soo to carry out activities, and we respect the actor’s personal intention to not cause further harm to the agency, so a mutual final decision was made to terminate his contract.

Regarding the ongoing lawsuit on “River Where The Moon Rises,” we will do our best until the end in order to resolve the situation.

Thank you.”

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Ji Soo Was Accused of being a preparator of Bullying and Sexual Violence in March 2021, which made him leave his ongoing drama “River where the moon rises”. His role was then taken over by Mr Queen’s actor Na In Woo. The production company suffered huge losses as they had to shoot the first few episodes again replacing Ji Soo. This also ended up in a lawsuit filed for various damages.

Ji Soo is expected to enlist for the military this year, since his draft was received last December. He will be enlisting in October to serve as a public service worker instead of active duty soldier due to his medical condition.

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Watch the trailer for “River Where The Moon Rises” below:

Ji Soo Took Legal Actions Against False Accusations

Actor Ji Soo’s Law firm Shin and Kim filed cases against false accusations imposed on the actor in March 2021. The firm along with Ji soo announced that they will be taking actions against people who spread false rumors and misleading information.

Read the Statement released by the law firm:

“As the legal representative of actor Ji Soo, our law firm shares our client’s position as follows.

When the accusations of school violence were made, the client immediately posted a handwritten apology on his social media and reached out to the people he could contact to personally ask for their forgiveness.

There were several claims made that were different from the truth or completely false, but to show that he was reflecting on his past behavior, the client did not take any kind of action against those claims. However, claims that are clearly false, such as the accusation that he ‘was a perpetrator of a sexual crime,’ were expanded and shared online, and while the client was staying silent and reflecting on himself, the claims written above are being accepted as if they are true.

As a result, the client has filed a criminal complaint for defamation in order to correct the false information and reveal the truth. An investigation on the people who uploaded the false posts is currently ongoing. Moreover, the client will continue to actively take legal action against those who defame him by posting false information or curse at and insult him with unspeakable words.

We apologize for causing many people to worry again due to the filing of this criminal complaint.”

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