Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 Episode 2: Nikki Tamboli eliminated from the show ? Read here to know all the latest updates #KKK11

Khatron Ke Khiladi

Khatron Ke Khiladi 11: Finally, the wait is over. The stunt master, Rohit Shetty’s Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 has started streaming on Colors Tv from July 17, every Saturday and Sunday, 9:30 pm. In episode one, various stunts were performed and Divyanka Tripathi nailed her performance as the boss lady had no inch of fear and did the stunt boldly which surprised everyone including Rohit Shetty. However. on the other hand, Nikki Tamboli was not able to take on her fears and gave up. In episode two, she again was not able to perform any stunt which made her leave the show in the first week. Keep reading to know about all the updates about Nikki Tamboli’s performance in episodes one and two.

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Nikki Tamboli: The Abort Queen of Khatron Ke Khiladi 11

Epiosde one

In episode one, Nikki had to perform a stunt in which they had to guess a song through emojis and then open a particular box instructed on-screen, the box contained a random animal, they had to take out the animal and transfer it to another cage, either by dragging or lifting it and then go into a cage which had a Hyenas (dangerous wild animal) in it and bring the flag from the cage. Nikki failed to transfer any animal into another cage and she easily gave up. As a consequence, she got a fear fanda from this stunt.

Episode two

In episode two, all the contestants who received a fear fanda got another opportunity to perform a stunt in order to get rid of it. Nikki and Anushka got the same stunt, it was related to creepy crawlies and insects. They were put into a box and were blindfolded. They had to guess which animal has been put on them, if they fail to guess it right then they could touch the animals and guess it.

Anushka performed the stunt extremely well, without any fear and with a smile on her face. However, Nikki could not perform this stunt and she was screaming and crying and aborted the stunt which made her go directly to the elimination stunt. Vishal could also not performed a water stunt that was given to him so he also accompanies Nikki to the elimination stunt.

Nikki Tamboli aborts the elimination stunts and goes back home?

Vishal performed the elimination stunt extremely well and overcame his fear of water. He got rid of the fear fanda and saved himself. Again, Nikki was not able to perform this stunt and aborted it. She did not even try to perform the elimination stunt and took it casually like all other stunts. As she was not able to perform this stunt, she had to leave the show and go back home.

However, as it was the first week, Rohit Shetty gave this decision to the hands of all the contestants and asked them to vote. The majority of votes were against Nikki as she aborted three stunts back to back and still was not confident to perform the future stunts. Keeping this in a note, many contestants thought that it would be unfair for others who are facing their fears and performing the stunts so they voted for Nikki to leave the show.

Has Nikki got eliminated or will she get another chance?

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