KIM SEON HO SCANDAL: A music video producer speaks up and shares how kind Kim Seon Ho really is

kim seon ho scandal takes a new turn

After Kim Seon Ho was revealed to be innocent, Dispatch revealed several conversations between him and his ex-girlfriend. The character’s plight changed dramatically recently when an audio document revealed that the ex-girlfriend was cheating on her husband with three men and following the incident revealed public opinion about Kim began to change to what it was before. Music video producer posted on Instagram about the real personality of Kim Seon Ho.

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After the actor was accused of mis-behaviour with his ex-girlfriend, he was withdrawn from a few of his upcoming projects and movies. Moreover, broadcasting channel TVN has started to cut ties with the actor as they were seen blurring out his face in the new episode of ‘Hong Jin Kyung’s Movie Fan Life’. Actor Kim Seon Ho, who had recently been embroiled in controversy over his private life, appeared to be obscured on the tvN show.


A Music video producer posted on Instagram about the real personality of Kim Seon Ho. The director explained that he wanted to discuss his encounter with the actor. He wrote, “I am writing this because I felt that he was a good person and I felt grateful to him before.”

The producer went on to write, “This was when I was working on the return song of Park Hye Kyung sunbae. I nominated Kim Seon Ho as a male leader in his music video and had a meeting with one of Kim Seon Ho’s agency group leaders. ‘2 Days and 1 Night’ and was encouraged to excel in his drama and commercials. ”

He continued to write, “As he was highly regarded, his salary was high. His agency asked for a corresponding remuneration. I knew it was an absurd request but I asked the him to agree on the cost and he decided to appear free of charge. “

The producer expressed his gratitude when Kim Seon Ho agreed to appear in the music video for free. Explaining he said, “We felt very grateful that he had agreed to appear in a free music video so our company tried to pay him more money. Personally, I felt sad. “

He added, “I saw articles on the latest news and felt that he was a really good person so I wanted to share what I had experienced before. Although I am not familiar with him, I feel happy that the media and the public’s view is changing. I hope he will be able to work again and enjoy him.”

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