Kim Seon Ho Scandal: Dispatch Reveals Details About Kim Seon Ho And His Ex-Girlfriend’s Relationship

kim seon ho scandal

There is more and more unfolding about the Kim Seon Ho scandal day by day. Dispatch, a Korean media outlet revealed details about the actor’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend who made a public post about Kim Seon Ho’s misbehaviour towards her when they were dating. Kim posted an apology for the same but later the woman took down her post.

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Dispatch has released a quite detailed report on Kim Seon Ho’s past relationship with his ex-girlfriend.

The actor recently got involved in an argument after his ex-girlfriend wrote an anonymous text claiming that her ex-boyfriend had tricked her into having an abortion by lying, abusing her after she had an abortion, speaking badly to her co-workers, and more. Although she was initially not named in the post, Kim Seon Ho admitted that she was the actor mentioned in this post and released an official apology.

On October 26, Dispatch published an article about the relationship between Kim and his ex-girlfriend, Dispatch identified him as a former weather broadcaster and current promoter Choi Young Ah. The Dispatch reported that Choi Young Ah first met Kim Seon Ho during a meeting with acquaintances at the end of 2019. In early March 2020, they began dating, and in mid-March, she told him she was married and divorced.

In a message to his friend afterwards, Kim Seon Ho wrote, “I want to continue the relationship. I’m seeing her because I love her as a person. Certainly, my parents would be worried. But it does not make any difference whether she is married or divorced. ”


Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah have spent days travelling to other parts of South Korea such as Busan and Gapyeong as well as zoos, amusement parks, and cities. The Dispatch stated that this contradicts Choi Young Ah’s claims in his letter that “they should be secretly in love and could not hold hands outside.” Dispatch also unveiled a photo of Choi Young Ah and Kim Seon Ho at a pet restaurant in Pocheon with their dog Ho Ah in October 2020.

From what the Dispatch reported, Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah met in April 2021 and officially ended their relationship in May.

Dispatch said they met a lot of people and listened to their stories, with others familiar with Choi Young Ah reaching Dispatch first. According to them, Kim Seon Ho did not break up with her because she became famous, and instead portrayed Choi Young Ah’s actions.

The Dispatch report concluded with a statement from B. He said, “Seon Ho hyung said this to me. Since it is true that she left her child… As she had always loved her, she tried to understand. And that he did not want to fight for his private life in front of the whole nation. So he said that instead of taking action, he apologized. Seon Ho hyung is that kind of person. He was in a normal relationship like everyone else. He did not try to hide Young Ah noona. I am a witness. ”

Responding to the report, a source from Kim Seon Ho’s SALT Entertainment said, “We have nothing to say. We’re sorry. ”

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