KIM SEON HO SCANDAL: Dispatch Shares More Conversations Exchanged Between Kim Seon Ho And His Ex-Girlfriend

kim seon ho scandal takes a new turn

After Kim Seon Ho was revealed to be innocent in the scandal, Dispatch revealed more conversations between him and his ex girlfriend. The actor’s scandal has changed dramatically recently when an audio note reveals that an ex-girlfriend cheated on her husband with three men and following this revelation public opinion about Kim began to change to what it was before. Now, fans are starting a request to get him back from the programs he was removed from.

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Dispatch has released a new report regarding Kim Seon Ho and his ex-girlfriend Choi Young Ah. The actor was recently involved in a controversy after his ex-girlfriend uploaded an anonymous post stating that her actor ex-boyfriend (Kim Seon Ho) had manipulated her into getting an abortion under false pretences, treated her badly once she had gotten the abortion, badmouthed his co-workers, and more. While he was initially not mentioned by his name in the post, Seon Ho admitted that he was the actor mentioned in the post and released an official apology.

Dispatch revealed a first report on October 26 with details regarding their relationship. On November 1, Dispatch revealed more KakaoTalk messages shared between Kim Seon Ho and Choi Young Ah at the time that she found out she was pregnant.

At an obstetrics and gynecology clinic on July 24, 2020, Choi Young Ah exchanged 284 KakaoTalk messages with Kim from 5:16 p.m. to 8:23 p.m.

Dispatch revealed 22 pages of their conversation that Choi Young Ah took screenshots of and sent to her acquaintances. The conversations were revealed to Dispatch by those acquaintances.


In her public online post, Choi Young Ah wrote, “He said that if he had a child now, he would have to pay 900 million won (about $ 764,850) in damages and that he had not won 900 million. a minute. He forced me to have an abortion by asking me what I would do if she lost her baby and that it forced her parents to lose their home. ”

Part of the “damage” was briefly mentioned in their conversation, but the actor quickly retaliated. In mid-August, Choi Young Ah asked acquaintances to monitor Kim Seon Ho “for 2 days and 1 night.”

An acquaintance of Choi Young Ah said, “Seon Ho said he couldn’t watch ‘2 Days and 1 Night’ at the time. Because he felt guilty about smiling and laughing.” Choi Young Ah had written on his social media site that Kim Seon Ho “suddenly changed after the abortion.”

One day, Kim found hundreds of video and audio recordings that he secretly took. Choi Young Ah said, “It’s just for fun,” and, “It’s a lawsuit.”

An acquaintance of Choi Young Ah shared, “Kim Seon Ho always found out the truth late. That he was divorced, that she lied and met other boys, that he was intimidated, that she had a video and a recording that she secretly took… Can this relationship continue? ”

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