KIM SEON HO SCANDAL: Fans ask for Kim Seon Ho to be reinstated into ‘2 Days & 1 Night’ following the turn of events in recent controversy

kim seon ho scandal

The Kim Seon Ho scandal took new turns recently when an audio note revealed that the ex girlfriend cheated on her husband with three men and following this revelation public’s opinion of Kim started to change to what it was like before. Now, fans are starting a petition to get him back on the shows he was removed from.

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For those who are uninitiated,  the actor was accused of misbehaviour with his ex-girlfriend, he was withdrawn from a few of his upcoming projects and movies. Moreover, broadcasting channel TVN has started to cut ties with the actor as they were seen blurring out his face in the new episode of ‘Hong Jin Kyung’s Movie Fan Life’.

Actor Kim Seon Ho, who had recently been embroiled in controversy over his private life, appeared to be obscured on the tvN show. In the latest episode of tvN’s entertainment program ‘Hong Jin Kyung’s’ Movie Fan Life’ which aired on the 22nd, comparisons were made with the film ‘The Founder’ and the drama ‘Start-Up’.


Earlier this month, budding actor Kim stepped into the event’s rollercoaster, and his fame soared as the final episodes of ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ were played, but he was fired overnight by his ex-girlfriend posing for a blindfold. An anecdote about “character K,” which was later confirmed as Kim Seon Ho, begged her to have an abortion.

Recently, with more information about this ex-girlfriend’s past and the full story between her and Seon Ho being revealed, the situation is exacerbated by public sentiment that Kim is beautiful again, and his CFs are being reinstated.

Thus, fans of the actor were fighting for his return to the popular show ‘2 Days & 1 Night (2D1N)’. The producer team was unclear about responding to such requests, but in a recent teaser released for the episode to be played today October 31, Kim was shown a bit, and was fully featured only in a group shot with 6 organised actors.

Meanwhile, contrary to what his fans expected, Kim Seon Ho reportedly expressed his intention to leave the show with no intention of returning at the moment.

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