Kim Seon Ho Scandal: Voice note reveals that Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend cheated on her husband with 3 men

kim seon ho scandal takes a new turn

The Kim Seon Ho scandal has taken a new turn after a voice note surfaced on the internet claiming that his ex-girlfriend, who accused him of mistreating her, cheated on her husband with three men. After this, a series of discussions took place among the netizens and the advertisements that were taken down during the scandal’s initial stage might be coming back.

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A heated argument about Kim Seon Ho and allegations that he mistreated his ex-girlfriend, Dispatch revealed as Choi Young Ah, continues to be the talk of the town after Dispatch released an article questioning the authenticity of the ex-girlfriend’s claims.

In an article titled, “Kim Seon Ho … and 12 ignored facts,” Dispatch showed Seon Ho’s timeline and his ex-girlfriend’s relationship from the time they started dating until they broke up. In particular, ‘Dispatch’ used the rumoured name of the actor’s ex-girlfriend, Choi Young Ah, and supported their opposition to the ex-girlfriend’s claims based on this assumption.

As the public is shocked and confused about who is telling the truth, YouTube journalist Lee Jin Ho has released a video entitled, “The shocking reality of Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend … a voice recording has been unveiled.” In the video, journalist Lee Jin Ho has released a recording of the ex-husband of th actor’s ex-girlfriend, who once appeared in a small podcast.

Lee Jin Ho explained that the man in question did not identify himself as the husband of Kim Seon Ho’s ex-girlfriend, ‘A,’ but a reporter was able to identify the man through an investigation.


In the audio recording, the ex-husband revealed the dirty divorce process and the real ‘A’ situation. The alleged husband of Kim’s ex-girlfriend revealed that ‘A’ was lax and even brought three men into the house to have sex with her for three weeks. Her ex-husband pointed out that ‘A’ did not want a divorce, so she exchanged some photographs of him in court, and she was able to get a divorce.

In addition, she said A’s father asked her for $ 150,000 to sign divorce papers sooner rather than later in court. According to her ex-husband, A’s father was in debt and used the divorce as a way to get money from her.

With rumours and suspicions about Kim’s ex-girlfriend being revealed, many network users are shocked, and public opinion about Kim Seon Ho is slowly changing and going back to how they were like before.

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