Kota Factory 2 : A journey of many dreams! What life advice would you like from Jeetu Bhaiya?

Kota Factory 2

“I am not an ex IITian, I am an IITian,” says Jeetu Bhaiyya (Jitendra Kumar) in a scene in the Kota Factory 2 series that tells so much about our country’s pride, obsession, eternal passion, and the ultimate dream of every middle-class student. For a large part of our population, expectations and dreams are what life is all about, especially for young people, and entering a prestigious institution such as the Indian Institute of Technology seems to be a sure, reliable, and confident choice for the most valued achievement that will permanently would save a life.

One of India’s most popular online series, Kota Factory 2, is back with the long-awaited second season on September 24. This season follows the life of Vaibhav, a young student on his journey to Maheshwari – one of Kota’s leading training institutes, and how he tries to balance his friendships, relationships with his mentor, as well as the added pressure of entering IIT.

What’s Kota Factory 2 about?

There was a reshuffle right after the events of the first season. Vaibhav (Mayur) is going to Maheshwari class. The rest of everyone including Vartika (Revathi) joins Prodigy class and starting to prepare for JEE Advance for the second year. Among all this is the country’s favourite Jeetu Bhaiya, who starts his own dream venture and puts his whole heart and soul into it. This time, he too has to pass a difficult test, and bringing back the colours in their lives is not as easy as Season 1.

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Kota Factory 2 – Jitendra Kumar decodes Jeetu Bhaiya’s appeal: “We need someone who can guide us”

For actor Jitendra Kumar, Jeetu Bhaiya of Kota Factory is a role that will be with him for many years to come. The five-episode series first debuted on YouTube in 2019, and soon Jeetu Bhaiya of Jitendra became the mentor every teenager wanted. Not only teenagers, he made adults think about their problems a little differently, with a little more wisdom. The character has become a phenomenon.

The Kota Factory 2 tries to touch the high points on two of the most important corners. It is important to discuss the representation of women in IIT, the taboo around m*sturbation, the lack of knowledge about menstruation ultimately which turns out to be the valuable education we all require at some point of our life.

Jitendra Kumar’s Jeetu Bhaiya is a friend, philosopher and guide for his teenage students

Jitendra believes that the Kota Factory is a kind of show that can inspire people and you can even draw some conclusions from it. For Jitendra, the biggest take-out is – ask for help if you get stuck. “Once we set a goal, of course there will be obstacles, but we shouldn’t give up. If we can seek help, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Our ego can get in the way, but we should look beyond that, ” he said.

But his biggest lesson from the show is a life lesson that is truly timeless. “Make good friends, those who can help you and whom you can help. This is the most important thing. This is my biggest take away from Kota Factory 2,” says Jitendra Kumar.

Kota Factory 2 : Star Performance

Jitendra Kumar aka Jeetu Bhaiya has tremendous responsibility. Although with lesser monologues in season 2, he manages to restore the same charm. This time there is a feeling of emptiness in it. You see that something has changed in it and layers are gradually being introduced.

Mayur More as Vaibhav has baggage from the past. Prodigy’s spirit is upon him as he enters the Maheshwari class. Mayur is great at being himself. The character is one of us and maybe us. And leave everyone around him, from Ahsaas Chann to Revathi Pillai, from Ranjan Raj to Alam Khan, these are the characters we know and with this in mind they try to blow life up in their parts.

Sameer Saxena as Maheshwari sir, however, attracts attention in its limited scenes. Threads like “Unrewarded geniuses are not geniuses but cliches” or, “There are only successful men in this world. Unsuccessful are not men,” make sure we hate him.

Kota Factory 2 rating/star cast

  • Kota Factory IMDB Rating: 9.2/10
  • Star Cast: Jitendra Kumar, Mayur More, Ahsaas Channa, Revathi Pillai, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Urvi Singh, Sameer Saxena and ensemble.
  • Creator: Saurabh Khanna & Arunabh Kumar
  • Director: Raghav Subbu
  • Streaming On: Netflix
  • Language: Hindi (With Subtitles)
  • Runtime: 5 Episodes, around 40 minutes each.

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