[Breaking] New Personal Records by ASTRO: “After Midnight” and “Switch On” at No.2 on iTunes Worldwide, No1 in these ‘7 countries. Read Now

Astro breaks their own record with after midnight

K-pop six-member group ASTRO made their amazing comeback with a new EP or mini-album ‘SWITCH ON’ with their return show performance on Naver Now at 7 pm KST. ASTRO has been in the K-pop industry for a long time now and it deserves to be a worldwide success with all of its new releases/releases. On August 2, 2021, a group of six members from ASTRO broke their record by starting at # 2 on the iTunes Worldwide Albums Charts with their 8th album, ‘SWITCH ON’.

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ASTRO’S new MV Surpasses 1o Million Views In 34 Hours

The EP was released worldwide shortly after ASTRO returned with the title track ‘After Midnight.’ Countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru have seen the song debut at # 1 on the iTunes Top Songs Chart. This is the expected victory for them where Arohas streamed ASTRO for them to break their record. ASTRO first appeared at # 2 on the iTunes Worldwide Albums Chart. This album also won # 1 in 5 countries and was ranked high in 10 countries. ‘SWITCH ON’ also appeared on the ‘K-pop Album’ chart in 20 regions including the US, UK, Australia, France, and Japan proving that ASTRO can dominate charts worldwide.

ASTRO controlling the K-Pop Songs Chart, No1 in 7 countries

Besides, ‘After Midnight’ started at # 28 on the iTunes Worldwide Songs Chart. ASTRO has repeatedly made it clear that they are a group of talented musicians with their powerful music and catchy voices. In this regard, ASTRO has made it clear that it is internationally acclaimed by controlling the K-Pop Songs Chart, which takes first place in seven countries such as Argentina, Chile, Malaysia, Poland, Singapore, and Switzerland.


Another success for ASTRO was their first listing on the Bugs Music Chart on the day of release with ‘SWITCH ON’. Not only did ASTRO successfully reintroduce its title of ‘Summer Kings’ with its song full of warmth and summer heat. As a song written and composed by all members, ‘SWITCH ON’ has received a positive response not only from South Korea but also from fans around the world.

The music video for After Midnight garnered more than 10 million views in just 34 hours and now has over 18 million views. Congratulations to Astro and Arohas.

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