CONFIRMED: TWICE to make a comeback in THIS month and are currently filming a music video in Jeju Island

twice is all set for a comeback this june

Kpop girl group TWICE is all set to make a comeback this June and the girls are currently filming a music video in Jeju Island, South Korea. The source that confirmed the comeback news also said that the dates aren’t finalised yet. A proper schedule will be released later when things are confirmed. While more details for the album are still to come in, TWICE’s upcoming song is their 8th Japanese single ‘KURA KURA’ that will be releasing on May 12. 

Their last comeback was indeed a fierce one with a beautiful retro concept. The track is titled “I can’t stop me”. The discography, the vocals, the visuals and the choreography are mesmerizing.

June is for Twice

TWICE is also returning with a full group OT9 comeback! Jeongyeon, the group’s lead vocalist, had taken a hiatus during the end of last year as she was suffering from severe anxiety. She then returned to the lineup for their Seoul Music Awards performance in January. TWICE are also set to release a new Japanese-language single album ‘Kura Kura’ next month. The song will drop on May 12 and include the B-side ‘Strawberry Moon’. The group first annocuned the song at the end of their Japanese-language online concert ‘TWICE In Wonderland’ on March 6. And with this news, fans of course can’t keep calm! #TWICEISCOMING, #TWICEOT9CB and JUNE IS FOR TWICE are already trending on Twitter! Check out some of the tweets that show how excited the fans are, below. 

What happened to Jeongyeon from TWICE?

In October 2020, JYP Entertainment announced after the release of the group’s second studio album, Eyes Wide Open, that Jeongyeon would not be able to participate in promotions as the group’s lead vocalist was suffering from “psychological anxiousness.”

This was the second time a TWICE member, Jeongyeon, had taken a break for mental health after Mina dropped out of their world tour in 2019 after being said to have anxiety attacks.

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Where is Jeongyeon now?

24-year-old Jeongyeon made a surprise return to TWICE’s lineup earlier this year when she performed with all the members at the Seoul Music Awards on January 31. It was the first time all the members of the group had a stage performance of I Can’t Stop Me, the title track from Eyes Wide Open. She joined the stage with her members for the first time since she took a break in October 2020 to deal with anxiety issues. Fans were relieved to see the singer in good condition and showered her with loads full of support and welcomed her back beautifully. The 30th Seoul Music Awards took place on January 31 at the KSPO Dome with MCs Kim Heechul from Super Junior, Shin Dong Yup, and Sooyoung from Girls’ Generation.

During their speech, Dahyun said  “We are very grateful to have received such a great award to start off 2021. This is the first time in a while that we’ve stood with all nine members on stage. We sincerely thank our fans, ONCE, who are always cheering us on. It’s been a bit of a frustrating year, but I hope that this year will be a good and happy year in which everyone can achieve all the things they wish. Please also look forward to TWICE’s work this year.”

They received the Bonsang Award and the group accepted the award by Tzuyu saying, “Thank you very much for giving us the Bonsang at the Seoul Music Awards for five years in a row. I think that we were able to receive this award because of ONCE. This award will be a source of strength for us as we go forward, so thank you very much. Stay healthy and happy, everyone!”

They uploaded a picture from backstage on their Twitter account as they celebrated winning the award and being back as OT9.

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