CUBE Entertainment launches, new girl group LIGHTSUM, Debut their official YouTube channel: members revealed

cube entertainment launches new girl group

Korean entertainment company Cube Entertainment has launched a new girl group called Lightsum. The group made its debut appearance and launched their own channel on Youtube and introduced themselves with a very sweet video message. The girls looked excited to greet fans and unveiled their plans to launch their official fansite and future activities too. CUBE Entertainment has confirmed that LIGHTSUM will debut within the first half of the year 2021.

Cube entertainment is also home to artists like G-Idle, BTOB, Apink and CLC.

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Cube Entertainment: Lightsum new girl group

On April 15 at midnight KST, Cube Entertainment officially announced that they would be debuting a new girl idol group named LIGHTSUM. According to CUBE Entertainment LIGHTSUM means a group of bright LIGHTs coming together as one SUM to illuminate everyone’s lives and convey more positive energy to everyone through their message of hope and light. CUBE Entertainment launched an official logo animation and a new Twitter account for the group.

Over the next couple of days, we have been introduced to various solo concept photos, videos, group photos and teaser images. A couple of days back CUBE Entertainment unveiled a group photo of all the 8 members and their positions in the group. Chowon is the main vocal and Jian is the rapper and subvocal. Nayoung is the mail vocal and lead dancer and Sangah is the main rapper and lead dancer. Yujeong, Hina and Huiyeon will be the sub vocals and Juhyeon will be the main dancer and the lead vocal of the group.

Lightsum’s members and their Positioning

After a fun teaser, CUBE Entertainment has finally released the entire lineup of its new girl group called LIGHTSUM and their positions.

The group consists of eight members –







Huiyeon, and


Check out the members’ positioning in Lightsum’s latest tweet below:

Cube Entertainment removed Soojin from G-idle’s upcoming comeback amid bullying scandal

According to South Korean news outlet Aju Business Daily, the girl group have re-recorded their upcoming song ‘Last Dance’ as a five-member group, without vocals from sixth member Soojin. The change comes after discussions between (G)I-DLE’s agency CUBE Entertainment and the community app UNIVERSE, which the song is set to be in collaboration with. The wave of bullying allegations against Korean celebrities seem to be on the rise. On February 20, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin was accused of school bullying by a former middle school classmate and her older sister. Another person claimed she bullied the actress Seo Shin Ae – who attended the same middle school, according to Naver.

“Changes were made to the lyrics and composition of the new song, and five (G)I-DLE members have finished recording. The song will be released as a five-member band format without Soojin,” UNIVERSE said in a statement.

After a series of statements and apology letters denying the rumors, Cube Entertainment released a new statement on March 4, informing that (G)I-DLE will now continue all their future promotional activities as a five-member team for the time being as Soojin has currently been indicated to halt all her activities. This statement comes after Cube released its first stance on this matter by creating a committee and denying the allegations on February 21.

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The singer has been on a hiatus since early last month after she was accused of bullying during her schooling days, although UNIVERSE did not explicitly state the controversy as the reason for her removal from the song.

“Other content, such as pictorial, making-of video and more, will centre around the five members as much as possible,” UNIVERSE added. “Lastly, the music video, which cost a lot of money and involved production staff from multiple partner companies, will be re-edited and released to minimise Soojin’s appearance.”

We look forward to Lightsum’s debut and chart ruling. All the best to the girls and to Cube Entertainment!

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