(G)I-DLE’s Newest Song Will Not Include Soojin Following Her School Bullying Accusations, Singer still on hiatus: All you need to know about Soojin’s bullying scandal

kang soojin's bullying scandal

G)I-DLE‘s newest song will not include Soojin following her school bullying accusations, and the group will continue to promote as five members for the time being. The wave of bullying allegations against Korean celebrities seem to be on the rise. On February 20, (G)I-DLE’s Soojin was accused of school bullying by a former middle school classmate and her older sister. Another person claimed she bullied the actress Seo Shin Ae – who attended the same middle school, according to Naver.

After a series of statements and apology letters denying the rumors, Cube Entertainment released a new statement on March 4, informing that (G)I-DLE will now continue all their future promotional activities as a five-member team for the time being as Soojin has currently been indicated to halt all her activities. This statement comes after Cube released its first stance on this matter by creating a committee and denying the allegations on February 21.

Singer still on Hiatus?

Cube Entertainment shared that it has been trying its best to verify the allegations thrown at (G)I-DLE member Soojin. The agency asked for the understanding of everyone as it took them some time to carefully look into the past events alongside some former teachers and co-students of the South Korean singer.

According to Cube Entertainment, (G)I-DLE member Soojin was involved in a heated argument. However, it noted that there are no enough pieces of evidence to prove that she bullied or inflicted violence as claimed by the alleged victim.

According to an exclusive report from Herald Pop, (G)I-DLE’s upcoming new song “Last Dance(Prod. GroovyRoom)” will be released as a special song for fan platform UNIVERSE in April. The song as well as the music video and all of the promotional content were recorded back in February, but with Soojin’s school bullying accusations in March and subsequent hiatus from the group, (G)I-DLE were forced to re-record the song, redistributing Soojin’s parts.

Universe Official Statement on Bullying Accusations

“Last Dance(Prod. GroovyRoom)’, a new UNIVERSE Music song, was scheduled to be released at the end of April. The recording, music video filming, and other additional content were completed in February.

However, an issue related to Soojin occurred in March, and (G)I-DLE are currently working as a five member team at the moment.

UNIVERSE discussed with Cube Entertainment about how to proceed with the already produced song and music video, and decided that it would be difficult to fully produce all-new content after taking into consideration the contractual relationship with the distributors, partners, and both tangible and intangible losses.

‘Last Dance(Prod. GroovyRoom)’ has had its composition and lyrics modified, and the five (G)I-DLE members have redistributed and re-recorded the song. Other additional contents such as the pictorial and making videos will be shared as a five-member team to the best of our ability. Finally, we will re-edit and release the music video to minimize Soojin’s appearance, as it cost a lot of money and involved production staff from several partner companies.

UNIVERSE will continue to work hard to provide better content.”

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Actress Seo Shin Ae Fires Back At (G)I-DLE’s Soojin, Claiming Soojin Bullied Her For Two Years

Actress Seo Shin Ae has fired back at (G)I-DLE‘s Soojin, claiming the idol has allegedly bullied her and said rude things to her for two years straight during middle school.

In a post on her personal Instagram account, Seo Shin Ae directed her comments toward “the person who has brought up [her] name,” referring to Soojin and her post made on (G)I-DLE’s fan platform last week. Seo Shin Ae then concluded her post by sending a message of hope to students who may be victim to school bullying, encouraging them to speak out about it. Through a lengthy post on U-CUBE, Soojin expressed her heartfelt apology for having caused so many concerns. She has also requested for Seo Shin Ae to release an official statement regarding the issue.

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