“Hot Sauce”: NCT Dream Surpasses 1 Million Stock Pre-Orders For New Album upcoming May Comebacks by BTS, Highlight, Oneus And TXT

nct dream makes an impressive comeback

NCT Dream is now a million seller. As of May 2, the group’s upcoming album “Hot Sauce” exceeded 1 million stock pre-orders. It recorded a total of 1,078,843 stock pre-orders, proving their hot popularity even before their comeback. Not only did NCT Dream break their previous record, but this is also the first time they sold a million stock pre-orders.

NCT DREAM's first full-length album 맛 (Hot Sauce) is coming this May |

The number of stock pre-orders is the amount of album stock that is produced prior to the album’s release. This number is the estimated demand calculated based on various factors, including how many albums were pre-ordered by fans.

“Hot Sauce” features a total of ten diverse songs, including their title track “Hot Sauce,” that shows the fantastic synergy of the seven members. Their title track is a hip hop song with Afrobeat and has a unique sound that resembles chants. It contains a message that they will show off their strong charms that are like hot sauce. Once fans get a taste of them, they will be addicted for more.

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Release Date For NCT Dreams new Album ‘HOT SAUCE’

The album will be released on May 10 at 6 p.m. KST on various music sites.

NCT Dream shared an intriguing teaser image for the upcoming album, which drops on May 10.  This will be the group’s first comeback in nearly five years. The group took to their social media handles to drop the first teaser image for Hot Sauce. The image is a bright and vibrant one, with animated colors like red, orange, green and blue. We can see a member sitting, his face covered with giant blue-colored pepper! The entire set up looks like something straight out of a coloring book. The original Korean album is also titled Taste (Hot Sauce).

For those uninitiated, Mark was previously announced to have graduated from the group back in 2018. This was due to the team’s age-limited system. Given the system, 4 other members, Renjun, Haechan, Jaemin and Jeno would have graduated last year too.  However, SM Entertainment announced a change in the system to keep the group fixed rather than have a rotation as originally planned. Mark was then announced to have rejoined the group, much to the delight of the fans. Hot Sauce releases on May 10 KST

Last month, it was confirmed by SM Entertainment that the group would be making a comeback with all seven original members. Korean-Canadian rapper and vocalist, Mark Lee, originally left NCT Dream upon turning 20 in 2018, as per the unit’s rotational graduation system.

BTS, Highlight, Oneus And TXT : Comebacks in May

May is about to be packed with new albums and EPs from some of the biggest names in the K-pop world, as they are all doling out new projects very close to one another. Here are four of the most highly-anticipated K-pop boy band releases coming in May.

May 3 – HIGHLIGHT – The Blowing

It’s been several years since K-pop vocal band HIGHLIGHT dropped new music, as the members have been busy with their mandatory military enlistment, which is something that all South Korean stars must contend with. Now that the remaining vocalists have finished their duties, they’re back with a new EP titled The Blowing, which is coming up very, very soon. The short set will arrive on May 3.

May 11 – ONEUS – Binary Code

Earlier in 2021, ONEUS released their first full album Devil, which was a major success when it first arrived. Now, less than half a year later, the band’s new EP Binary Code is slated to arrive on May 11, just one day after NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce.

May 21 – BTS – “Butter”

Just a single (as opposed to a full collection), BTS’s “Butter” is nonetheless one of the most highly anticipated releases of May in any country and of any style. The track has been described as dance-pop and English-language.

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May 31 – TXT – The Chaos Chapter: Freeze

On the last day of the month, South Korean all-male vocal act TXT (or Tomorrow X Together for those who feel like using their full name) will release The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, their second proper album of 2021.

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