When is BTS Enlisting For the Military? ‘BTS military service exemption act’ in discussion

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Is BTS enlisting for their mandatory military service soon? Fans have been thinking about this for a long time now that some of the members of the Kpop sensation are eligible to enlist in the military. The ‘BTS military service exemption act’ is in discussion with the concerned authorities. Read on to know more about BTS’ military enlistment.

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Starting today, September 9, the BTS Military Service Exemption Act will be discussed at the National Defense Commission in South Korea.

A meeting of the sub-committee of the Defence Commission will discuss whether to include popular cultural artists to be exempted from working on new amendments to the Military Act.

A meeting of the sub-committees of the National Defense Commission will be held on the 9th of another Military Law Amendment proposed by Yoon Sang Hyun, a member of the National Assembly, back in June.

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For those who are uninitiated, the committee of defense of South Korea is discussing whether the septet will enlist for military or receive some kind of military benefits.

Earlier, the National Assembly decided to include people in the popular arts and culture sector who had contributed to the development of the national status and dignity in order to benefit from the postponement of their registration. The National Assembly has decided to amend the Military Act, which allows celebrities to postpone military recruitment and recruitment. This amendment to the Military Service Act allowed BTS to postpone their registration for up to 30 years.

BTS military service exemption act

If a new update is passed, BTS is likely to receive a special release from military service. Meanwhile, the BTS has been expressing its determination to join the military, saying, “Military service is a natural and national obligation.”

BTS and Mandatory Military service

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