ITZY’s New Song is dedicated to Fans: ITZY To Release Special Song For MIDZY For Upcoming Global Fan Event

itzy announces comeback

ITZY appears to be releasing a special song for fans! The group teased the fans with a MIDZY Release Poster featuring the tracklist and the dates for their first global online fan meet

‘MIDZY’ a new Music Album by ITZY

JYP Entertainment’s premiere 4th gen K-pop group, ITZY, suddenly dropped a teaser poster for MIDZYs, the fandom name of the group. On the poster was a tracklist of two songs and dates. According to reports, the dates alluded to ITZY’s first-ever worldwide fan meet that is online.

Commonly in the South Korean entertainment industry, entertainers who show their unending love and appreciation for their fans are a common sight. But there are others who go the extra mile to show much they love their fanbase. For ITZY, they did this by surprising MIDZYs with a song that is dedicated to them.

The 4th generation K-pop girl group dropped the poster on the 13th of March on their official Twitter and Facebook page. On the poster teaser is what seems to be a soft sketch of a child sitting on top of a tree at night while looking at a landscape that is defined by a river and lush lands. Alongside this, there are clouds, and the moon can be visibly seen.

Release Date of MITZY

The poster includes the tracklist which is the song MIDZY in a Korean and an English version. The track’s scheduled to release on March 20, 6 PM KST. That’s two hours after their First FAN PARTY live with Global MIDZY, scheduled to stream on the same, 4 PM KST. While the fan meet is only open for official MIDZY members, fans across the world will be able to celebrate and enjoy the track honored in their name.

This isn’t the first time that the 5-member girl group has done something memorable and go-down-in-history for their fans. Last year in October, the group released a unique music video of their song Be In Love from the album Not Shy – titled Be In Love, made by ITZY X MIDZY. It featured the group’s fanarts and some clips from the fans, cheering them on. The music video has a retro, fun-looking meta visuals which go in sync with their track. 

Itzy’s Yeji announced Studio Choom’s Artist of the Month

A dance-focused YouTube channel, Yeji will have the spotlight this whole month on STUDIO CHOOM’s new segment. Started in October 2020, STUDIO CHOOM’s latest segment ‘Artist of The Month’ has been garnering a lot of attention! Whether it’s their 4K-video segment called ‘Be Original’ where they have an in-depth camera focus and angles that highlight a group’s dance moves. That segment shines light on a group performance. However, their latest segment will focus on one main dancer and their skills.

This time, March’s Artist of The Month is ITZY’s adorable dance, Yeji. Which means a whole month of Yeji dance covers, performance practices, interviews and much more that will open show the fans a deep connection of the artist with their beloved form of expression, dance. STUDIO CHOOM released an introduction video of Artist of The Month and we can see glimpses of Yeji filming an incredibly powerful dance. She even says in the video that she’s preparing something that she hasn’t done before – a heels dance. Her outfits and the swift yet impactful moves have a definite charm of their own.

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