“Showterview With Jessi” Under Fire For Colorism Controversy: Releases Apology Statement For “Translation Error”

showterview with jessi under fire

During a recent episode of Showterview with Jessi, a particular moment caused a string of controversies. The guest for the episode were the k-pop girl group Twice who recently made a comeback with their 10th mini album “alcohol free”. The controversy started when the rapper made a colourist remark after Twice’s youngest member Tzuyu wished for having lighter skin for one day as one of the members Dahyun has a very pale and milky skin complexion. Read on to know more.

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Jessi and her team released official statement after the episode aired

After the scene from the interview surfaced online and netizens poured in comments about how Jessi was totally inappropriate with her remark, the team for Showterview with Jessi released a statement about the matter and explained that the English mistranslation led to a misunderstanding and that both Jessi and the members from Twice, did not have any intent of offending anyone.

“We, the Showterview Team, acknowledge and hold ourselves accountable for providing English subtitles that had room for misinterpretation. We will do our best to be more mindful moving forward. The video is currently being revised with regards to the mistranslation. We are deeply sorry for disappointing our viewers.”

The team thoroughly explained that the misunderstanding was caused due to mistranslation. “When providing the English subtitles for yesterday’s episode of the show with members of TWICE as guests, Jessi’s comment using the word ‘Ttaemiri,’ which holds the meaning of cleansing by scrubbing in Korean bathing culture, was mistranslated by our team as ‘dirt’ instead of ‘cleansing,’ upsetting fans in the process.”

TWICE, a nine member girl group from South Korea, came as guests on Showterview with Jessi after dropping their tenth mini album “Alcohol free”. The group released a music video of the title track of the same name. The girls shot the music video in Jeju Island, one of the most prominent tourist spot in South Korea. Watch the music video for “alcohol free” below.

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