WATCH Jihyo Dances To Crown: Kpop Girl Group Twice’s Jihyo Covers Camila Cabello’s Crown For Her Dance Project and she nailed it!

jihyo releases new dance project

One of Kpop’s most prominent girl groups Twice has released member’s Jihyo’s new dance project. Twice’s main vocal and leader Jihyo came up with a cover of Camila Cabello’s Crown. Second Generation’s most powerful kpop Boy group Shinee’s member Taemin has released a new album called “Advice”. Read on to know his thoughts on the comeback along with some highlights from the kpop world.

Kpop Girl Band Twice’s Jihyo Drops New Performance Project

TWICE started segments called ‘Melody Project’ and ‘Performance Project’ where individual members’ skills are showcased and emphasized. JIHYO today released her cover of ‘Crown’, a song by Camila Cabello and Grey. She’s the second member to release a performance project video after Momo.

The singer looks incredible in the video, slaying each dance move and flowing through them as if on air. The choreography is fierce, seductive yet all levels of elegance, while her deep voice makes the song and the ambience two times better.

As a group, Twice has recently released their 8th Japanese track called “Kura Kura” and is now preparing for a comeback with a brand new album.

 TWICE is all set to make a comeback this June and the girls are currently filming a music video in Jeju Island, South Korea. The source that confirmed the comeback news also said that the dates aren’t finalised yet. A proper schedule will be released later when things are confirmed. 

TWICE is also returning with a full group OT9 comeback! Jeongyeon, the group’s lead vocalist, had taken a hiatus during the end of last year as she was suffering from severe anxiety. She then returned to the lineup for their Seoul Music Awards performance in January. The song “Kura Kura” dropped on May 12 along with the B-side ‘Strawberry Moon’. The group first annocuned the song at the end of their Japanese-language online concert ‘TWICE In Wonderland’ on March 6.

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KPOP: Shinee’s Taemin dropped a new album prior to his military enlistment

Shinee’s Taemin has dropped a new mini album “Advice” prior to his military enlistment and the album is already topping charts.

In a Q&A interview, Taemin said that out of the five tracks in the album, his favourite one is ‘Strings’. When asked about a word for the fans at the end of the interview, he said that he hopes ‘Advice’ will give comfort to him while he’s gone, since this will be his last album before enlistment. Taemin will enlist in the military on May 31. 

KPOP: EVERGLOW unveils an intriguing trailer for upcoming album ‘Last Melody’

EVERGLOW released a rather mystifying and intriguing trailer of their upcoming single album ‘Last Melody’. It features the members in a large deserted location, with many different elements, especially a massive rock which pulsates with a bright light, clearly representative of the group. The album features three tracks, including the title track ‘First’, and is scheduled to release on May 26. With various intriguing concept photos and now this excellent trailer, the album has been receiving a lot of hype from the audience.

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