3 New Girl Members in JYP Entertainment: JYPn Reveals Dance Video Showing First Glimpse Of 3 NEW Members From Upcoming Girl Group

jyp entertainment reveals new girl group

3 New Girl Members in JYP Entertainment: JYP Entertainment has released a dance video of three members from the agency’s upcoming girls’ team. The entertainment giant revealed that they will be launching a new girl group earlier in February. The new group will be JYP’s first group since ITZY

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JYP Entertainment’s New Girl Group

Currently named as JYPn, not much is known about the team so far including which trainees are on the first list or how many members will be present.

Name of 3 Girls Joining JYPn as a new group

On August 6, JYP Entertainment released a video of JYP’s new girl group members Jinni, Jiwoo, and Kyujin performing the dance cover of Samantha Long and Eom Taewoong on Cardi B’s “Press”. The three girls who were revealed are 2004, 2005 and 2006 liners.

JYP released a limited edition package called “Blind Package” for the group

The organization also released a limited edition package called “Blind Package” containing the group’s single, photo book, photo card, poster, premium membership card, and more. The “Blind Package” hit more than 61,667 previous orders in just 10 days, signaling a bright future ahead for the upcoming team.
JYP will be JYP Entertainment’s first girls’ band since ITZY first appeared in February 2019. From now on, the music label has entertained fans with a cover dance for the girls dancing the Cardi B track.


#JYPExplain: What Made This Hashtag Trending?

On July 12, JYP Entertainment‘s head producer and CEO J.Y Park and Sony Music CEO Muramatsu Shunsuke attended a press convention to announce the launch of the ‘International boys audition,’ beginning this July. Any male that is to graduate from middle school by March 2023 and after, up to the age of 22 years old, can apply to audition online.

He shared that he is glad to be starting another task to release the male version of Niziu and looks ahead to uncovering proficient young male trainees who may be making their debut in 2023. After JYP Entertainment announced that the management agency will be launching a new group soon, Netizens took to social media community platforms and gave their honest opinions.


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