KPOP Wave in India 2021 : Rise of KPOP Popularity in India with BTS, Twice, TXT and more

KPOP Wave in India 2021 : How Popular is KPOP in India with BTS, Twice, TXT and more

KPOP Wave in India 2021 : As KDramas, KBeauty & KPop gain a massive following in India, especially since the lockdown, Korean brands & products saw a surge in demand. The Hallyu Wave (Korean Wave) has increased fourfold in the past year, and we’re gonna tell you exactly how that came to happen and what else you can expect.

Names like ‘BTS’, ‘Blackpink’ and ‘Park Soo Joon’ were already known in India but the pandemic, however, gave the Hallyu wave its due diligence in India.

Start of KPOP Popularity in India

Before they became a part of the mainstream in India, K-pop bands like BTS, TXT, and TWICE – with their catchy tunes, impeccably-choreographed videos, and attractive members – had already captured the global imagination.
Talking about the rise of Korean pop culture here, Mumbai-based Indo-Korean culturist Dr. John Sujina says, “It all started with South Korean music in the country. The music form gained popularity in the Northeastern states in India, particularly in Manipur, which is often called the starting point of Hallyu in India.”

Although BTS is now no longer assumed to be a part of pop and is said to have an entirely another genre (some joke and say its BTSPOP), it is through bts that other groups are also found by Indians. Kpop also deals with mental health issues, the pressures the youth have to deal with, women empowerment, and more.

In the last three months, India has climbed a few ranks to be among the top 3 countries contributing to YouTube music-video views of Kpop bands like BTS and BLACKPINK. Their streams on JoiSaavn and other platforms like Gaana, Wink music, etc have been in the millions and continue to trend among or even at the top of Bollywood songs.

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KPOP Concerts in India

Groups such as KARD AND IN2IT had concerts in India and it’s very possible that other kpop groups may start having concerts in India as well. TXT, a 4 member boy group from the same company as the Bangtan Boys, has been interacting with a lot of Indian fans recently. They may also be collaborating with Indian services and companies. Same for BTS, as they have started expanding their market in India, and also screen movies, etc in all the major cities here.

BlackPink also mentioned wanting to come to India, and the possibility of our country being on the list of their upcoming tour. Even locals now seem to know a bit about all these groups as there are kpop related trends on Twitter every single day and the obsession with K-dramas and Korean beauty products is increasing.

People joke that Blackpink is fond of India as well since they keep appropriating desi culture. They have received a lot of backlash was mocking Indian dance hand gestures, wearing bindis, etc. But surprisingly, their fanbase numbers in India were not completely affected by this.

Rise of KPOP In India

A few years ago, the Korean Cultural Centre India in May came up with a virtual K-pop contest in India. There were various rounds of the contest and the finale was held in September. Many K-pop lovers participated in the contest. On the day of the finale, before the results were announced, BTS shared a video wishing the participants good luck and thanking the Indian BTS Army.

As mentioned in several other articles, the best fanbase in India reached a lot of milestones, broke records, increased more than 40 screenings, organized huge donation drives in the name of bts, had an entire bts segment on NDTV, etc.

Kpop music videos can also be seen on regular television now, on channels such as VH1 and MTV. Bollywood celebrities have also posted about bts on social media platforms and their hit songs like dynamite and life foes have been in the background of several big stars’ videos.

On Netflix India, Spanish, Japanese, and Korean titles drove the most viewership after English. Popular Korean Drama, ‘Kingdom Season 2’ was in the India Top 10 series row in March 2020, and titles such as ‘It’s Okay to Not be Okay’ (in July and August), ‘Crash Landing on You’ featured in the overall Top 10 lists on the app multiple times. It is important to note that ‘Crash Landing on You’ has emerged as a phenomenon in itself with die-hard fans quoting the show and lauding it on social media.

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It predicted that the rise of Korean music and other entertainment will increase a lot in the next 2 years. And perhaps there will be regular concerts here once the COVID19 situation is better.

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